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Tuesday, August 02, 2011
Ridetech Suspension Challenge to take place at LS Fest
Bowling Green, KY

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The 2011 Holley LS Fest has been scheduled for September 9th-11th at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY, and one of the cool things about the Holley LS Fest is the RideTech autocross. The autocross is a test of vehicle and driver in a format that is not terribly stressful to either. To demonstrate the merits of the RideTech suspension components, we have decided to put our money [and parts] where our mouth is by giving away a free Ridetech suspension system at the event.
The concept is easy:
1.Bring your LS powered hotrod with its current suspension.
2.Run as many laps as you like on Friday to get the car dialed in.
3.Install a new RideTech suspension system on site at our booth-- your car, your people, your tools, our suspension components.
4.Run the autocross again on Saturday/Sunday to determine the performance improvements offered by the RideTech suspension.
Here are the rules:
1.You will have to pre-enter the Holley LS Fest before applying for the RideTech Suspension Challenge.
2.We will select the participants from the pool of proposals that are submitted to RideTech using the signup form (click here). Your proposal should include using a finished car with acceptable paint, drivetrain, brakes, and other equipment that would enable it to navigate the autocross course safely, both before and after the suspension swap. We will be filming this event and intend to use images of your car and this suspension challenge in our marketing efforts for 2012. Please, no unfinished projects. Proposal deadline is August 19th. You will be contacted by August 24 to confirm your participation in the Suspension Challenge.
3.You will need to supply all the necessary tools, equipment, and people to accomplish this installation. It is suggested that you download and review the installation instructions for your particular vehicle BEFORE the event to thoroughly familiarize yourself with that process. We will contact the winning proposals to discuss the specifics of the installation to ensure you are as fully prepared as possible.
4.We will be choosing at least 2 contestants for the suspension challenge. Submission can be made in writing, via email (news@ridetech.com), or even video. Extra consideration will be given for style, class, flamboyance, creativity, and originality.

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