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97-150 Idler Pulley 97-150
Idler Pulley
Idler Pulley, Smooth, 2.992" DI 
97-151 Tensioner Assembly 97-151
Tensioner Assembly
Tensioner Assembly w/ Grooved Pulley 
97-152 Pulley 97-152
Pulley, P/S Pump, LS 
97-153 Idler Pulley 97-153
Idler Pulley
Idler Pulley, Grooved, 59mm DI 
197-400 AD Style alternator plug-pigtail 197-400
AD Style alternator plug–pigtail
AD Style alternator plug–pigtailAC Bracket Accessory Drive Kit – R4 A/C Compressor 
199-200 R4 Style alternator plug-pigtail 199-200
R4 Style alternator plug–pigtail
R4 Style alternator plug–pigtail 
197-301 Alternator with 130 Amp Capability 197-301
Alternator with 130 Amp Capability
This alternator looks at home on all Holley driver's side LS brackets. When properly installed, the additional amperage from this unit will assure solid voltage even with high consuming electrical accessories like engine fans and blower motors, as well as keeping headlights from dimming at idle. 
198-200 P/S Reservoir Kit for LS Brackets 198-200
P/S Reservoir Kit for LS Brackets
Kit includes everything needed to add a power steering fluid reservoir to any of Holley's driver's side LS accessory drive brackets.
198-100 Power Steering Pump Assembly, Aluminum Corvette 198-100
Power Steering Pump Assembly, Aluminum Corvette
199-100 R4 (Radial) A/C Compressor 199-100
R4 (Radial) A/C Compressor
Works with all Holley passenger side R4 LS brackets. 
199-101 SD508 A/C Compressor 199-101
SD508 A/C Compressor
SD508 A/C Compressor 
199-102 SD7 A/C Compressor 199-102
SD7 A/C Compressor
SD7 A/C Compressor 

LS Accessory Drives Add–Ons

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