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16046NOS Rebuild Kit 16046NOS
Rebuild Kit
Super Pro Shot Nitrous Solenoid Rebuild Kit  
16505NOS Solenoid Bracket 16505NOS
Solenoid Bracket
Super Powershot Solenoid Bracket for both nitrous (16020NOS) & fuel (16080NOS) 
16500NOS Solenoid Bracket 16500NOS
Solenoid Bracket
Solenoid Bracket Nitrous/Fuel Solenoid Bracket for 16000NOS, 16050NOS, 16045NOS, 16048RNOS, 16010NOS, & 16060NOS 
18055NOS Cheater Fuel Solenoid 18055NOS
Cheater Fuel Solenoid
Small Coil 
18050NOS Fuel Solenoid 18050NOS
Fuel Solenoid
Cheater Fuel Solenoid, 400HP Flow Limit 
18060NOS Fuel Solenoid 18060NOS
Fuel Solenoid
Alky Fuel Solenoid 
18080NOS Fuel Solenoid 18080NOS
Fuel Solenoid
Powershot Fuel Solenoid 
18085NOS Fuel Solenoid 18085NOS
Fuel Solenoid
Sniper Fuel Solenoid, up to 175HP Flow 
18000NOS Nitrous Solenoid 18000NOS
Nitrous Solenoid
Cheater Nitrous Solenoid 
18015NOS Nitrous Solenoid 18015NOS
Nitrous Solenoid
Sniper Nitrous Solenoid 
18020NOS Nitrous Solenoid 18020NOS
Nitrous Solenoid
Powershot Nitrous Solenoid 
18045NOS Nitrous Solenoid 18045NOS
Nitrous Solenoid
Super Pro–Shot Nitrous Solenoid, 400HP Flow Limit 
18048RNOS Nitrous Solenoid 18048RNOS
Nitrous Solenoid
Pro–Race Nitrous Solenoid, 450HP Flow Limit 
16666NOS Nitrous Tool - Cheater Hex 16666NOS
Nitrous Tool – Cheater Hex
16665NOS Nitrous Tool - Powershot Hex 16665NOS
Nitrous Tool – Powershot Hex
16046-TNOS PTFE Plunger 16046-TNOS
PTFE Plunger
Super Pro Shot PTFE Plunger 
16650-TNOS PTFE Plunger 16650-TNOS
PTFE Plunger
Cheater PTFE Plunger  
16041NOS Rbuild Kit 16041NOS
Rbuild Kit
Pro–Shot Solenoid Rebuild Kit 
16001NOS Rebuild Kit 16001NOS
Rebuild Kit
Cheater Nitrous Solenoid Rebuild Kit  
16011NOS Rebuild Kit 16011NOS
Rebuild Kit
Super Big Shot Nitrous Solenoid Rebuild Kit for the old style solenoids. 
16021NOS Rebuild Kit 16021NOS
Rebuild Kit
Super Powershot Nitrous Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 16020NOS 
16026NOS Rebuild Kit 16026NOS
Rebuild Kit
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 16025 
16049NOS Rebuild Kit 16049NOS
Rebuild Kit
Pro Race Nitrous Solenoid Rebuild Kit  
16051NOS Rebuild Kit 16051NOS
Rebuild Kit
Cheater Fuel Solenoid Rebuild Kit  
16061NOS Rebuild Kit 16061NOS
Rebuild Kit
16064NOS Rebuild Kit 16064NOS
Rebuild Kit
16065NOS Rebuild Kit 16065NOS
Rebuild Kit
16066NOS Rebuild Kit 16066NOS
Rebuild Kit
16068NOS Rebuild Kit 16068NOS
Rebuild Kit
16081NOS Rebuild Kit 16081NOS
Rebuild Kit
Super Powershot Fuel Solenoid Rebuild Kit  
16063NOS Rebuild Kits 16063NOS
Rebuild Kits
16002NOS Replacement Coil 16002NOS
Replacement Coil
Cheater Nitrous Solenoid Replacement Coil for 16000NOS & 16000–CNOS 
16022NOS Replacement Coil 16022NOS
Replacement Coil
Super Powershot Nitrous Solenoid Replacement Coil for 16020NOS 
16027NOS Replacement Coil 16027NOS
Replacement Coil
Solenoid Replacement Coil for 16025NOS 
16047NOS Replacement Coil 16047NOS
Replacement Coil
Super Pro Shot (16045NOS) & Pro Race (16048RNOS) Nitrous Solenoid Replacement Coil  
16052NOS Replacement Coil 16052NOS
Replacement Coil
Nitro/Alky (16060NOS) & Cheater (16000NOS) Fuel Solenoid Replacement Coil 
16082NOS Replacement Coil 16082NOS
Replacement Coil
Super Powershot Fuel Solenoid Replacement Coil for 16080NOS 
18002NOS Replacement Coil 18002NOS
Replacement Coil
Solenoid Replacement Coil for 18000NOS 
18017NOS Replacement Coil 18017NOS
Replacement Coil
Solenoid Replacement Coil for 18015NOS 
18022NOS Replacement Coil 18022NOS
Replacement Coil
Solenoid Replacement Coil for 18020NOS 
18047NOS Replacement Coil 18047NOS
Replacement Coil
Solenoid Replacement Coil for 18045NOS 
18052NOS Replacement Coil 18052NOS
Replacement Coil
Solenoid Replacement Coil for 18050NOS 
18057NOS Replacement Coil 18057NOS
Replacement Coil
Solenoid Replacement Coil for 18055NOS 
18082NOS Replacement Coil 18082NOS
Replacement Coil
Solenoid Replacement Coil for 18080NOS 
16509NOS Solenoid Bracket 16509NOS
Solenoid Bracket
Solenoid Bracket 
16940NOS Solenoid Label 16940NOS
Solenoid Label
Cheater Nitrous Solenoid Label for 16000NOS 
16941NOS Solenoid Label 16941NOS
Solenoid Label
Super Big Shot Nitrous Solenoid Label for 16010NOS 
16942NOS Solenoid Label 16942NOS
Solenoid Label
Super Powershot Nitrous Solenoid Label for 16020NOS 
16943NOS Solenoid Label 16943NOS
Solenoid Label
Super Pro–Shot Nitrous Solenoid Label for 16045NOS 
16944NOS Solenoid Label 16944NOS
Solenoid Label
Pro–Race Nitrous Solenoid Label for 16048RNOS 
16945NOS Solenoid Label 16945NOS
Solenoid Label
Cheater Fuel Solenoid Label for 16050NOS 
16946NOS Solenoid Label 16946NOS
Solenoid Label
ALKY/NITRO Solenoid Label for 16060NOS 
16947NOS Solenoid Label 16947NOS
Solenoid Label
Powershot Fuel Solenoid Label for 16080NOS 
18001NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18000NOS 18001NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18000NOS
18016NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18015NOS 18016NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18015NOS
18021NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18020NOS 18021NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18020NOS
18046NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18045NOS 18046NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18045NOS
18049NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18048RNOS 18049NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18048RNOS
18051NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18050NOS (Big Coil) 18051NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18050NOS (Big Coil)
18056NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18055NOS (Small Coil) 18056NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18055NOS (Small Coil)
18061NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18060NOS 18061NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18060NOS
18081NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18080NOS 18081NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18080NOS
18086NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18085NOS 18086NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for 18085NOS
18011NOS Solenoid Rebuild Kit for18010NOS 18011NOS
Solenoid Rebuild Kit for18010NOS
18010NOS Super Big Shot Nitrous Solenoid 18010NOS
Super Big Shot Nitrous Solenoid


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