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MSD encompasses over 150,000 square feet and is housed in two buildings. Over 250 people including engineers, technicians and assembly specialists work together to design, develop and assemble the entire MSD product line including Ignition Controls, Atomic Fuel Injection, DynaForce Alternators, DynaForce Starters, Pro-Billet Distributors, Coil, Spark Plug Wires and Ignition Accessories.


The Burn-In area is one of the most important departments at MSD. Every MSD ignition, from our HEI Module to the MSD 8, undergoes a burn-in procedure. The Ignitions are connected to power and fire a coil and spark plug for a set amount of time, hot soaked, and then run again. Over 400 components pass through the Burn-In everyday!


Every ignition goes through a battery of hands-on tests before and after the burn-in procedure. Here, electronic specialists inspect wire routing, connections, output characteristics and the electronic signals of the components.


The design and layout of every MSD product is designed and optimized using the latest computer software. Programs such as Altium Designer for PCB design and Elipse IDE for 8, 16 and 32-bit microprocessor development enable our designers to stay current with emerging engineering trends. For mechanical modeling, layout and drawing generation our engineers use SolidWorks 2015 with a Stratasys Dimension SST 3D printer for rapid prototyping. Advanced electro-mechanical system modeling is done within the MATLAB environment. Our CNC guys are on SurfCam 2014.


The only way you can produce superior quality products is to control all the aspects of engineering and production which is exactly why our CNC area continues to grow! We have three CNC mills (two 3-axis, one 5-axis), one lathe and a surface grinder.


Our technicians use Surfcam 2014 computer software to program our state-of-the-art CNC machinery. These precision machines are used for a variety of work including prototype and production.


A variety of our rotors, coil housings, distributor caps and much more are all injection molded right here in-house! We have two Electric Discharge Machines (EDM) to produce accurate molds for our High Pressure Vertical Insert Mold machines, two Arburg presses and an 80 Ton Battenfield.


To supplement our CNC area, we also have a complete machine shop with skilled craftsmen at the helm of a variety of machines. This area is responsible for a lot of engineering and prototype machine work.


Our Distributor Department now covers over 20,000 square feet! Every billet distributor is hand assembled and closely inspected throughout the entire process.


Just like our ignition products, every distributor is put in a spin fixture to test the mechanical advance, rotor phasing and magnetic pickup operation.


Our R&D Department has four dyno cells at their disposal to run components through a gamut of tests. There are three water brake and one eddy current dyno and all of them feature computer controls and multi-channel data acquisition equipment. A variety of engines, from mechanically injected sprint engines to torque-monster big blocks, are on hand.


Like our ignitions and distributors, every Pro Mag that leaves our building is installed on a spin fixture and scope so techs can check their output and operation.


After getting new components dialed-in on the engine dynamometers, they can also be installed on a test vehicle and run on one of our two chassis dynos. Here engineers and techs can record and observe how each component operates on a vehicle while undergoing a wide range of conditions and loads.


After going through assembly and lengthy test procedures the components finally reach our packaging area. Final decals are applied and a complete set of instructions and installation parts are included before being boxed into our award winning packaging.


The MSD Shipping area covers over 40,000 square feet! Imagine being surrounded with racks of the best performing ignition components available - a racer's dream! A full staff keeps tabs on all of the products with computer scanning technology as product ships every day.


When products are shipped from MSD it doesn't mean the end of our role, actually it's just beginning. We stand behind all of our products and have a full staff of trained technicians ready to help our customers with recommendations, helpful wiring tips, diagnosing and troubleshooting.


MSD sends our technicians to a variety of races and events across the country throughout the year! If you have any questions, or problems they're ready to help.