10 Things You May Not Have Known about B&M Racing’s History

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1. B&M is named for its founders, Bob Spar (the “B”) and Mort Schuman (the “M”).

2. B&M began as a general automotive repair shop in 1953. Although they started out wrenching on a little bit of everything, high school friends Bob Spar and and Mort Schuman found their niche strengthening transmissions and high performance engines.

3. In 1961, the B&M Hydro Stick became the only patented four-speed automatic racing transmission in history. Based on the popular GM Hydramatic, the B&M Hydro Stick allowed racers to manually shift their automatic transmissions. In a time when manuals ruled the track, B&M’s Hydro Stick changed the game by making it possible to keep an automatic transmission in low gear until the driver decided to upshift.

4. B&M was one of the original 13 founding companies of SEMA when it started in 1963.

5. In 1965 Frank Cannon made the first 200 MPH Top Fuel run in history using a B&M TorkMaster transmission.

6. Legend of the track, Don “The Snake” Prudhomme’s first solo effort was in the B&M owned and sponsored TorkMaster car.

7. Working in conjunction with a major oil company in the 1960’s, B&M introduced, Trick Shift, the first performance ATF.

8. When automatics started gaining momentum in the mid-60’s, B&M began modifying converters to increase stall speeds. B&M was the first company to create what is known today as the high stall racing torque converter.

9. In 1969, B&M teamed up with Andy Granatelli and Plymouth on a program to develop the only automatic transmission for Indy/USAC racing.

10. In the 1970s, B&M introduced shift and transmission improving kits to the market. These kits allowed customers to improve shift firmness and transmission durability in their driveways using basic hand tools.

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