1967 Chevy Pickup Project: Custom Shop Truck - THE CHASSIS

By: Bill Tichenor | 08/16/2010 < Back to Motor Life Home
Jimmy Shine holds up the wheel centers that Holley CEO Tom Tomlinson inspired for the project. Tomlinson envisioned a unique wheel that looked similar to that of a vintage Indy Roadster. The engine in the background is our LS3 motor that's been painted Chevy orange.

Completed Chassis

Here's a full view of the completed chassis. It's been C–notched, blasted, painted and has a new trans and rear crossmember installed. It also has all of the frame joints welded to eliminate any excessive flex. It's sturdy and ready to take on the power of our LS3 engine.

Engine And Trans Installed

The LS3 engine is painted Chevy orange and is finally installed with the Tremec TKO 5–speed transmission into the painted frame. Note the new transmission crossmember and headers.

Rear Chassis Completed

The rear of our 67 Chevy chassis is finally complete. The trailing arms are installed, as well as the driveshaft, rear differential and more.

Rear Mounted Fuel Tank

Originally these trucks had the fuel tank behind the rear seat. We decided to make one of the most common upgrades and put the fuel tank at the rear, under the bed. As you can see this tank sits between the frame rails and the filler will be located flush on the bed.

Welded Frame Joints

The fabricators at SoCal Speed Shop not only stripped and painted the frame on the 67 Chevy, they also welded all of the joints to prevent any unwanted flexing.

Rear Cross Member

Underneath the frame, a new rear crossmember is used to relocate the truck's trailing arms and provide a better path for the driveshaft and exhaust.

Rear C Notch

The rear of our truck will be lowered using coil springs and new trailing arms. To make for additional clearance between the axle and the frame, the area had to be C–notched.

Front Suspension

A Classic Performance Products A–arm suspension that includes new upper and lower control arms are being used to drop the 67 Chevy with a low stance.

Modifying the Engine Mounts

Here you can see the factory motor mounts that were sand blasted and put back into position. Fortunately the motor mounts would work with the LS3 motor by simply elongating the bolt holes to the engine mounts.

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