1974 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon - Project: Low Buck Long Roof: FINISHED VEHICLE

By: Bill Tichenor05/20/2011 < Back to Blog Home
Finished Product! After the wagon came out of paint we took it out to take some photos. We think it looks great, and from the attention it got during Power Tour and Hot Rod Reunion, everyone else does too! Engine bay complete Here's a shot of the engine bay as it sits today. If you've picked up on it, everything else in the engine bay is downplayed in order to accentuate the engine itself. The coil covers and the dual filters on top of the 0–8007's give the engine a classic look, while the Hooker exhaust Manifolds look almost factory and offer that streamlined look and great functionality. Interior Shots Interior #2 Interior #3 Interior #4 Interior #5 Interior #6 Gotta love that rumble seat! Rear/Exhaust There is a lot to see in the rear of the car. Aside from the freshly painted under side of the wagon the Detroit Speed & Engineering sway bar is in place to minimize body roll. The Holley in–line fuel system can be seen on the left, and the custom stainless steel exhaust that finishes along the right rear of the car. Front undercarraige Here you can see all of the factory suspension components that we powder–coated along with the Detroit Speed & Engineering front sway bar. Additionally you can see the underside of our orange LQ9 which has been fitted with our Holley Engine Swap Oil Pan.

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