1974 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon - Project: Low Buck Long Roof: THE ENGINE

By: Bill Tichenor | 03/28/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
6.0 LQ9 The powerplant we're using in Low Buck Long Roof is the 6.0 iron block LQ9 found in many GM trucks (making them plentiful and relatively inexpensive to find and purchase). To continue with our 70's theme, we retrofitted dual Holleys to the LQ9 and mated them to our Dual Plane Mid–Rise Intake Manifold (part #300–120). This engine is also sporting our LS exhaust manifolds, and LS Coil Covers(part #242–1). Dual Carb setup We installed two of our 0–8007 390 CFM carbs on top of our Mid–Rise Dual Quad Intake Manifold (part #300–120) to give the car the proper look and a good dose of power. The wagon hasn't been on the dyno yet, but it did run a 14.01 at South Georgia Motorsports Park during the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour! On top of that it also steadily achieved 20–21 miles per gallon throughout the entire trip! Dominator ECU Low Buck Long Roof will be running a 6.0 LQ9 engine mated to a 4L60–E transmission. Though the engine is carbureted at the moment, we are using our Dominator ECU to control transmission functions. Fuel System We built Low Buck Long Roof for a variety of purposes, ultimately we wanted to make sure it would be a reliable cruiser. Having a vehicle that lives up to its name means making sure you put together a fuel system that is up to the task. The wagon is using our brand new line of up HP in–line pumps, filters, and regulators. Here they are installed to the side of the wagon's frame rail. So far the wagon has one Power Tour under its belt with no issues whatsoever! Hooker LS Exhaust Manifolds One of the products we're excited to be releasing soon are our Hooker exhaust manifolds for the LS engine family. This set went on Power Tour 2011 with us and performed flawlessly. Not only do they look good but they also offer great fitment for those looking to retrofit an LS–engine into their early to late model classic, truck, or muscle car. Wagon Exhaust Here you see the exhaust system in the middle of its build–up with the finished product below. We ended up with a fantastic looking and sounding system thanks to the Hooker Aero–Chamber mufflers. Wagon Exhaust contd.
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