1974 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon - Project: Low Buck Long Roof: WHEELS AND TIRES

By: Bill Tichenor | 04/08/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
Coy's C-5 Project Low Buck Long Roof is about building a car that can be easily reproduced in any one of the average garages scattered throughout the U.S.A. In doing so we wanted a set of wheels that would give the car a proper stance while being easy on the wallet. These C–5's from Coy's Custom Wheel & Tire fit the bill. Front Wheels We decided to go with a staggered setup to give the car the appropriate look. On the front we went with 18'' X 8'' Coy C–5's wrapped in 245/45ZR18 Nitto NT555 rubber... Rear Wheels ...and in the rear we chose an 18'' x 9.5'' version of the same C–5 and wrapped it in 295/45ZR/18 Nitto rubber.

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