1987 Pontiac Grand Prix - Project: G-Force One: BODY AND PAINT

By: Bill Tichenor | 10/14/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
Tubbin' It... Fabrication on the G–Force One's rear tubs begins in the photo to the left. The rear of this car is going to be squatting over 335 section width tires so tubbing out the rear was a necessity. Tackin' it... Here Blake Tomlinson from Walden Speed shop is in the process of tack welding together the first of the tubs for test fitment. Testin' It.... The fender–wells were then test fitted in place to make sure they fit properly. Rear Tubs Complete After test fitment the fenders were taken back out and welded the rest of the way together and then installed in the car. Fuel Cell Fitment After the tubs were mocked up the rest of the floor was fitted around the ATL fuel cell. The battery box is going to be mounted in the trunk as well directly to the right of the fuel cell behind the passenger side rear tub. We'll have more finalized shots of the trunk and fuel system soon. ...and Next to the Fuel Cell The battery mount is complete with an Optima Red Top fitted for testing purposes. The overall purpose for this car will be pro–touring which means the battery mount has to eliminate any movement of the battery fore and aft, and upward from the trunk floor. Looks like it'll handle the job just fine! New Floorpan and Transmission Tunnel While LS swaps are becoming more commonplace it's easy to forget that these drive–trains weren't originally designed to go in the cars we're sticking them in. While a new floor–pan wasn't necessary for the installation of the engine, the transmission tunnel did need to be addressed. It was ultimately decided to continue on through with a new floor–pan at the same time. Progress so far Here's how things look at the moment. The car exhibits a far more menacing stance with the lower suspension and Forgeline wheels. Photo updates.... I found myself out in Pomona in the middle of April and had a chance to drop by Waldens Speed Shop where the Grand Prix is receiving its body work. Updated photos were taken to update the build up page here so check out the following pictures and enjoy!

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