1987 Pontiac Grand Prix - Project: G-Force One: INTERIOR

By: Bill Tichenor | 09/17/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
Front Interior As you can tell, the interior of the Grand Prix looks flawless, which is characteristic of a car that has a mere 63 miles on it. All of this will be changing drastically as goes through it's evolution into a pro–touring monster! Rear Interior In the rear you can just make out where Grandma would've laid her cane after getting in the Grand Prix and on her way to the grocery. The next time you see the interior there will be fully chromoly roll cage in place that will not only further enhance the rigidity of the car but off the safety necessary to be operating this vehicle to it's full potential. Recaro Seat Mock-Up As a result of the custom Art Morrison frame that G–Force one will be riding on, a custom floor pan was a necessity. Currently the dash is in place and one of the Recaro buckets mocked up to give you an idea of how things will look for the final product. Here's a better shot showing the new floor pan that has been fabricated out at Walden's. You can also see the crossbar joining the two A pillars as the roll bar is going through its initial mock–up. Roll Cage Mock Up From this angle you can see the roll cage mock up taking place. You can also see how the floor pan flow together with the rear tubs as well. In the trunk resides the new ATL fuel cell and battery box position complete with a Red Top from Optima. This design will keep the battery in place during hard high speed cornering. It's interesting to note that the tubs were tied back into the factory body support structure for rigidity and seamless appearance.

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