1987 Pontiac Grand Prix - Project: G-Force One: THE ENGINE

By: Bill Tichenor | 08/28/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
Mock-Up Engine G–Force One's engine is nothing short of amazing. Sourced from the LS engine specialists at Thomson Automotive Engines, this LS7 features an LS9 Supercharger and dry–sump oiling system. Upon installation the engine will be managed by Holley EFI. Mock-Up Engine Contd. The photo of the back side of the drivetrain gives us a good shot of the Quick Time bellhousing joining the engine and transmission together. G–Force One's transmission is a unit from D & D Transmission and is a custom built Camaro T56 with all the upgrades to support over 800 horsepower reliably. The clutch transferring all this power is sourced from a ZR1 and will be matched with a Lingenfelter flywheel. Test Fitment Things are finally starting to come together with the test engine in place. The fabricated firewall from Walden's Speed Shop looks amazing. Front fender–wells are in the works at the moment. We'll have more photos and info as the build progresses. Here's a close–up of the Thomson Automotive test engine in place as the engine bay comes together around it. Engine Dyno Sheet Taking a look at the dyno–sheet to the left absolutely demonstrates the amount of reliable power that can be made with an LS engine. With 777.9 hp @6200 rpms and a staggering 824.6 lb. ft. of torque on hand at a mere 4400 rpm this combination will make G–Force One something to contend with.

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