2022 Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival and NMRA World Finals Presented By eBay Motors: Full Event Coverage


2022 Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival and NMRA World Finals Presented By eBay Motors: Full Event Coverage


It's back! Holley's Intergalactic Ford Festival, in conjunction with the NMRA World Finals championship race, is filling Beech Bend Raceway with Blue Oval power far and wide. The weather for this year's event is gorgeous, with cool mornings and evenings, warm afternoons and plenty of sun around, which will be great for fans who want to watch drag racers battle it out for the championship in their respective classes. During testing on Thursday, many drivers saw new personal bests, and we expect to see more as the weekend progresses. Add in the action of drifters like Vaughn Gittin, Jr and his Fun-Haver team hanging it out for everyone to see, off-road action to include not one, but two BIGFOOT monster trucks, including the original one that started it all, and much more! Add to that a massive manufacturer's midway, a fantastic swap meet, and a car show filled to the brim with polished-up rides, and we're expecting this year's Ford Festival and NMRA World Finals to be fantastic!

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FF2022 New Ford Lightning

The new Ford Lightning is an EV pickup truck, but we are certainly partial to this tribute to the 1999-2004 Lightning we found in the show field!

FF2022 Capri Corner

Capri Corner made a return to Ford Fest! Whether it still rocked the 2.8L V6 or was built up with V8 power, we're happy to see these captive imports roll into the show!

FF2022 Fox Body Capri

Speaking of Capri, there were great examples of the Fox-Body Mustang's twin on the property, like this T-Top equipped 1982 Capri RS.

Drag Racing

The NMRA World Finals, sponsored by Whipple Superchargers and Fastest Street Car Magazine, is the drag racing side of Holley's Intergalactic Ford Festival. This is the NMRA's championship event, and the drivers that are in the hunt for championships in their classes are feeling the heat. This is their last shot for the 2022 season, and every lap down the strip has to count. Every launch needs to be solid, every missed gear a potential end to the season. With seasonable early autumn air keeping temperatures down on an otherwise sunny weekend, it is up to the drivers to be consistent and fast. The Winner's Circle is waiting...who will earn the privilege of entering?


The 2022 Holley Ford Festival and NMRA World Finals Hurst and Grassroots Motorsports Autocross is in full swing and cone-dodging, fire breathing, Blue Oval machines are fighting the clock for course supremacy. From dead-stock Lincoln Town Cars to track-prepared Mustangs that are tuned to turn on a dime, you'll see it carve through the cones. Follow along and check out the killer cars and blistering race action from the event!

Car Show

If you're a Ford fan, you'll find no better gathering of gorgeous, rare, and exciting blue oval builds than at Holley Ford Festival. The 2022 Holley Ford Festival and NMRA World Finals: UPR Products And Ford Muscle Present The NMRA Ford Nationals Car Show Series brought out some absolutely killer rides and will be running all weekend long. Check out the coverage below for results and some great shots of some very cool Ford rides.


Holley Ford Fest 2022 has gone off highway. The Off Road experience features everything from Monster Trucks to professionally built Ultra 4 cars, to the high-flying, ultra huck-able Crown Vic's of Hooptie X. There is something for everyone in the messy, dirt-filled, spectacle of fun. Check out the offroading action below.


If you are unfamiliar with Australian-style burnout contests, let us school you. There is an open pit of asphalt. There is a minute on the clock. And as long as you remain within the pit, it is open season. Get those RPMs up, get those tires spinning like there is no tomorrow, and get moving. Donuts, drifting, tip-ins...if you don't know these terms, learn them, because you will see them. If you're scared of a bit of shrieking, high-horsepower violence, then move on, because the crowds surrounding the burnout pit at Beech Bend Raceway will be roaring like the audience in the Roman Colosseum, ready to give their thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

Shelbys and Cobras

In the world of Fords there are two words that trump all: Shelby and Cobra. The magic that Carroll Shelby worked on Ford products added a strong racing flavor to Mustangs and the GT40 racing program, and his magic with the AC Ace made the little roadster into a legendary beast. Here at Holley Ford Festival 2022, we're hunting down all of the examples of the breed. From kit cars to pedigree'd performance machines, if it has a Cobra badge it commands a special kind of respect from automotive enthusiasts the world over. We scoured the car show and the track at Holley Ford Festival for all of the Shelby goodness we could find. Check it out below.


Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa and their RTR Spec-5 D Mustangs are no strangers to Holley's Intergalactic Ford Festival, and this year, they've added fan-favorite driver Adam LZ into the Fun Haver drift demo mix. The event serves as Gittin Jr.'s first Ford Fest since announcing his departure from Formula DRIFT (of which he is a two-time champion) last year to focus on off-road racing and other endeavors, and subsequently as LZ's first Ford Fest period. The trio are known for their highly-skilled, practically choreographed antics when not in a competition environment. In addition to the on-road cars, Loren Healey, two-time King of Hammers champion, will be once again joining in on the fun with his Ford Ultra4 Bronco off-road race truck, showing off just how much smoke his monster off-road tires will produce sliding across the pavement. David Leffel also returns with his 1964 Ford F-100 with a big pair of turbos putting down around 1,000 hp, always a sight to behold.

Ford Fest 50

At Holley's Ford Festival and NMRA World Finals, we had a treat for you...the Ford Festival 50! 12 drivers piled into 12 Ford Panther-body cars for fifty laps of Beech Bend Raceway's oval track and to say that there was action was...well, it was a given. Having Vaughn Gittin, Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa in that pack of drivers? Mayhem ensued. Check out the photos for yourself!


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