2022 Holley MoParty Presented By eBay Motors: Full Coverage From The Event


2022 Holley MoParty Presented By eBay Motors: Full Coverage From The Event


Holley's MoParty is back! The third running of the all-Mopar show is back and better than ever, and from the signs of things on the show field before the gates actually open up, it looks to be the best one yet! If the only way to go is Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Imperial, Ram, or even our adopted siblings in American Motors and Jeep, or if it is powered by any of the engines that were cranked out from Ma Mopar's workshop, it is welcomed to come out and play! From the peaceful show fields full of beautiful machines, to Mel Major's Mopar Survivors Invitational Display tent, to the swap meet, there's plenty to see. From the drag racing to the Grand Champion competition and the wild burnout contest, there's plenty to do. If you want to be part of the show and you've got the locks of hair to qualify, you can take place in our Mullet Contest, and if you want a show, Jamey Smith and his high-flying General Lee will give you something to watch. And if you wanted something new, we have you covered there, too: this year, for the first time at MoParty, we have the Off-Road Challenge. And that's open to anyone, so if you brought your Cummins-powered four-wheel-drive out and want to go play in the dirt, you're more than welcome to!

We will be bringing you all of the coverage from Beech Bend Raceway, so stay tuned to this page, where you can find all of the coverage from the 2022 Holley MoParty as it comes in!

MoParty 2022 Results And Awards

Holley MoParty 2022 is in the books! Great weather and a fantastic turnout made for a wonderful weekend of automotive activities for anyone who made the trek out to Beech Bend Raceway in Kentucky. From the deals that could be had in the swap meet to the absolute anarchy that was the burnout contest on Saturday night, the autocross action on the oval track and the dirt being thrown on the Off-Road Challenge, a good time was had by all. We saw 10-second front-wheel-drive Daytonas. We saw a four-wheel-drive stepside Tin Grille with Li'l Red Express stacks and flamethrowers pull into the burnout pit like it owned the place. We saw a 1970 Charger convertible...and you're truly a Mopar gearhead if you know what is wrong with that sentence. We saw it all, and we're glad you did too! Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the weekend with us...we hope to see you again next year!

DiabloSport and Mopar Action Magazine Presents Drag Racing

Beech Bend Raceway offers up the 1,320 feet of blacktop that drag racers love, and the racers at Holley MoParty are putting the strip to use. Throughout the weekend, racers will be laying down times and competing. Old Hemi vs. Gen III Hemi. Mental case turbocharged four-cylinders versus rev-happy 340 small blocks. W-2 heads, nitrous, big-block Wedge cars, tire smoke and race fuel. Close your eyes and you can find yourself traveling back in time. And not just back to the early 1970s, either. Maybe the Daytona and Avenger ex-Pro Stock cars strike a nerve with you. Or maybe you are digging the Ram TRXs that are crushing the asphalt as they turn out a time that would scare a lot of musclecar owners!

Hurst and Stacey David's Gearz Present The Autocross

There is no doubt that the drag strip is the natural home of Mopar products. From the early days of the Hemi through today, straight-line performance isn't an issue. But when it comes to corner-carving, that's where fans of Chrysler Corp. performance machines usually get ribbing. Never mind the Challenger T/A or the AAR 'Cuda, homologated to go to battle in Trans Am racing. Nevermind the successes that cars like the Omni, L-body Charger, Spirit, Shadow, and Neon have had in sports car racing. Did everyone forget the Viper? Thinking that a Mopar can't corner doesn't work in this day and age. Whether it's a late-model LX platform Charger Widebody or a Duster with wide, sticky rubber on all four corners, the autocross course is going all weekend long!

B&M and Hemmings Present The 3S Challenge

The "3S" in 3S Challenge stands for Start, Steer, and Stop. This segment is all about extremes. You hit it as hard as you can to race to the end, whip it around and stand on the throttle until you hit the stop box. If you hit a single cone, your run counts as a DNF.

ADS Racing Shocks And Flowmaster Present The Off-Road Challenge

"How can you have a MoParty but not have anything for four-wheel-drive trucks and Jeeps?" We've heard you, fans, and for 2022 Holley MoParty has an off-road course! Built by King of the Hammers track builder John Goodby of Nor Cal Rock Racing, our Ultra 4/Pro 2-style open course allows you to air out your truck over jumps with speed before digging into sweeping, banked turns. Are you more of a technical off-roader? We have an obstacle course that will allow your Jeep to get a full suspension workout. Just want to flex on everyone? We have a suspension travel test that will show off all of your articulation. Maybe you just want to sit, chill, and watch others party on the track...that's cool too! Join our Off-Road Showcase and enjoy the view!

Hooker BlackHeart and Mopar Collector's Guide Magazine Present The Car Show

Beech Bend's show fields are a nice, lush green and the skies are expected to be bright blue throughout the 2022 Holley MoParty weekend. That's a good thing, because we couldn't think of a better background for the colorful cars that will fill those lots up. What's your favorite tone? Do you like the shockingly bright shades of Sassy Grass, Go Mango, and Top Banana? Do the slightly subtler tones of Sable Tan Sunfire, B5 Blue, and Ivy Green Metallic do it for you? Or are you here for the cars themselves? MoParty welcomes all Chrysler and Chrysler-powered vehicles alike, plus the adopted American Motors and Jeep brands. So if you want to see a classy Windsor, a vicious 'Cuda, a forgotten Super Coupe, or a built Ram, we will have an example on display for you.

Mel Major's Mopar Survivors Invitational Display

The Mopar Survivors isn't a club. It's not a registry nor a car show. Instead, it's a collection of immaculately maintained and unmolested authentic Mopar products. But cars this original are increasingly hard to find. For over 20 years, Founder Mel Major collected a database of 750 such vehicles. Those only affected by the age of time and untouched by a restorer's hands. Wear-and-tear items can be replaced, and accident damage can be repaired back to stock. However, to qualify as a survivor, you must meet a strict guideline of no improvements or repainting.

Wing Car Parade

In the world of the cars of the Musclecar Era of the 1960s and 1970s, two vehicles visually stand out above all others: The 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona and the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird. You couldn’t possibly miss them if you tried. With their distinctive nose cones, hide-away headlights, bright colors and three-foot-tall rear wings, the Daytona and Superbird are without a doubt the most outlandish cars to come from that time period. When new, they were avoided like the plague on dealer lots because of their looks. Now, they are big-money rides that are aspirational for any enthusiast and legends for the speed they brought to the racetrack.

The Kibbe and Friends Show and Flowmaster Present The General Lee Jump

The calling card of Holley MoParty involves a very special Mopar. Can you guess what it is? Here are a few hints: it is bright orange, seriously loud, and it has more airline miles than most business executives. That's right...the General Lee is back at MoParty, and it is ready to fly!

Super Shops Presents The Burnout Contest

There's a new feeling in the air. Something a bit sinister. The engines sound meaner. The headlights cut through the darkness with intensity. The crowd builds. The Burnout Challenge is about to begin. This is where things get mean...engines are going to rev harder than they have all weekend long. Care and caution are going to go flying as the carefully vulcanized rubber gets spun into molten dust, leaving a cloud of smoke hanging in the air. This is where you will hear the LA scream, the Hemi roar, even the howl of an angry AMC inline-six. One minute stands between the start of the show and glory or failure for the contestants. One minute to put it all on the line.

Mr. Gasket Co. Mullet Contest

Every show has that one unique feature that separates them from any other show anywhere else. For Holley MoParty, that feature is our Mullet Contest. Not familiar with the mullet? The "business in the front, party in the back" hairstyle is often mocked, but those who love the long locks out back and the freedom that comes with such a glorious hairstyle don't care who likes it or who doesn't. They have their hair and they are damn proud of it and everything associated with it. Want to be classy, with creased jeans and a polo shirt? Want to rock your cutoff jeans, sleeveless T-shirt and cowboy boots? The answer is simple: mullet. You can't go wrong.


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