2022 LS Fest Texas Sponsored By eBay Motors: Complete Coverage From The Inaugural Lone Star Showdown!


2022 LS Fest Texas Sponsored By eBay Motors: Complete Coverage From The Inaugural Lone Star Showdown!


It's true...we are live at the inaugural LS Fest Texas, brought to you in cooperation with eBay Motors! Holley has brought everything that has made the LS Fest events so popular in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Las Vegas, Nevada to Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth and just like the temperatures, the action is going to be HOT all weekend long! Throughout the weekend, we've got events that everybody loves, like autocross and the dyno challenge. But LS Fest Texas has a couple of major alterations for those who think they know what to expect:

  • First off, LS Fest Texas is on a night-time schedule. The events start at 2pm and run until midnight. This is done to minimize the time everyone spends in the heat, and allows everyone to enjoy the cooler night-time temperatures while the action continues, and
  • LS Fest Texas features a 1/8-mile no-prep drag race on Texas Motor Speedway's Pit Road. We mean "no prep"...the only rubber on the ground will be from the previous car's tires, and the only liquid on the ground will be water for the burnouts. That's it.

We will be bringing you coverage throughout the event and beyond, so be sure to keep checking back to this page and to MotorLife.com for more photos and galleries, feature cars, event coverage and results!

Despite the heat, diehard enthusiasts prevailed! The first-ever Holley LS-Fest Texas presented by eBay Motors brought killer cars and their LS-loving owners to Texas Motor Speedway in spades.

LS Fest Texas brought out cars from all generations, disciplines, and brand allegiances. The only unifying factor was the passion for the automotive hobby and love of the LS engine.

Winners And Awards

The first LS Fest Texas has come and gone and the results are in! Seeing everyone come out to Texas Motor Speedway made all the work needed to bring the third LS Fest event to life worth it. What a weekend, too...the no-prep drag racing was wild and fans seemed to absolutely love it in person. Congratulations to all of our LS Fest Texas winners! We hope to see you next year!

Boost District Superchargers and LSX Magazine No-Prep Drag Racing

No-prep drag racing is a first for LS Fest! We're using the Pit Road of Texas Motor Speedway as an 1/8th mile dragstrip. No rubber except for what the last car left, nothing on the ground but tap water for burnouts.

SpeedTech Performance and Lateral-G Autocross

Despite the Texas heat turning normally sticky tires to grease, the Autocross competition was fierce, with a wide variety of vehicles ranging from late-model technological marvels to radical cone-carving builds.

Holley and Super Street's Drift Challenge

With a track that occupied over a quarter of the entire space of LS Fest Texas, racers had plenty of opportunity to wind their machines out at full tilt for the fans who were excited to see the Drift Challenge action. Drifters used Friday to get used to Texas Motor Speedway's track, with Saturday hosting both the qualifications and the shootout.

Hooker BlackHeart and LS1Tech.com Present The Car Show

Do you dig classic musclecars that are polished up perfect and thundering with that all-important bass exhaust tone? Maybe you were hunting for an off-roader that could handle anything the wilds could throw. And speaking of those wide-open Texas prairies, since this is an LS Fest, the likelihood that some sun-roasted dream machine of days gone by, repowered with an LS or Gen-V LT engine would roll in, proudly wearing the patina that nature provided.

Westen Champlin's Redneck Science Burnout Contest

Burning tires and screaming engines...if there is any better combination for an LS Fest event, we will struggle to find it. For LS Fest Texas's burnout contest, we couldn't think of a better person to come out and host the fun than Westen Champlin.

Hurst/Auto Revolution Track X

Track X is what happens when you take the high-speed, open road feel of road course racing and add just enough autocross-style gates, chicanes and slaloms to keep the speeds down enough so that drivers of all skill levels can enjoy driving their cars at a reasonable limit. For LS Fest Texas, the Track X portion of the event was held on the large roadcourse section of asphalt on the southeast section of Texas Motor Speedway's infield.

Dink's Dyno Werx/BANGshift.com Dyno Challenge

Think your LS or Gen-V LT engine is making the power that you claim it is? Are you tired of listening to your friend's bragging and want to humble them a little? Feel like laying down a bombshell pull that nobody saw coming? Dink's Dyno Werx and BANGshift.com were more than happy to help out by presenting the Dyno Challenge at the 2022 LS Fest Texas. The rules are straightforward: strap your machine to the rollers, hit the throttle when the dyno operators told you to, and go for the high score of the event!

2022 LS Fest Texas VIP Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations to Randy Lewis, the winner of Holley's LS Fest Texas 2022 VIP Sweepstakes contest!

Feature: Jack Crawford's 1972 Ford LTD "Yacht 1"

When a 1972 LTD waxes just about everything on a non-prepped surface, it's difficult to not take notice. Get a closer look at this family heirloom that has been turned into a high-nine second battle barge.


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