2 For 1: A Fuel Filter and Regulator in One Unit!

By: Todd Veney | 01/17/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Reluctant to upgrade to EFI because of the expense of all the lines and fittings you have to buy and all the work involved in building and routing return line? Don't be! Holley's new EFI filter/regulator assembly is a fuel filter and fuel regulator in one convenient package. It simplifies the entire EFI installation process, saves weight, eliminates the need to run a return line from the engine compartment all the way back to the fuel tank, and saves money and time on all the fittings and lines themselves. The lightweight filter/regulator assembly mounts close to the tank and houses a special 10-micron fuel filter that flows 175 gallons per hour. The built-in regulator is preset at just under 60 PSI, works with either 3/8-pipe or -8 fittings, and is compatible with virtually all electronic fuel injection systems. Polished aluminum and black anodized mounting brackets are also available to make the installation even easier. Click here for complete information on the 3/8" NPT version and here for complete information on the -8AN version.