A Full Color Digital Dashboard for Yamaha YXZ!


A Full Color Digital Dashboard for Yamaha YXZ!


Hawthorne, CA— AEM has released its Yamaha YXZ Plug & Play Adapter Harness (PN 30-2220) for CD Carbon 5- and 7-inch Digital Dashes that includes YXZ-specific screen layouts designed to get you out riding with virtually no installation or setup time! This harness provides a true plug & play connection from a CD Carbon Dash to the Yamaha YXZ’s factory CAN bus through the factory dashboard connector and receives all available channels from the factory CAN bus network.

A custom startup screen welcomes you when the dash lights up, and a dedicated alarm page and Check Engine warnings displayed in text alert you to any potential issues to keep you safe on the trails. Users can toggle between four main screens created specifically for the YXZ. All of the pages are loaded and ready to go, but AEM’s powerful DashDesign software lets you easily create your own custom designs.

The full-color dashboard has a daylight-readable screen, four main pages, a dedicated alarm page, included templates for quick startup and more, a CD Carbon Dash is the perfect solution for YXZ owners who want to SEE EVERYTHING in the dunes and on the trail. CD Carbon Dashes are available with 5-inch and 7-inch diagonal screens (CD-5/CD-7) with or without GPS and/or data logging.

YXZ Specific Screen Layouts

AEM engineers created YXZ specific layouts that will appeal to both weekend enthusiasts and hardcore racers. These include:

Four main screens that include a digital version of the factory gauges, a race-inspired screen, an adventurer screen with real-time compass, and a diagnostics page that displays all available channels

Dedicated Alarm page trigger for very high coolant temps

Race lap timing or navigation page with heading, direction time and altitude (requires GPS-enabled CD Carbon Dash or Vehicle Dynamics Module)

Vehicle diagnostics page that displays all channels for monitoring/troubleshooting

Graphic alarm notifications on the four main screens for high coolant temp, low fuel and low battery voltage

Amber LED warning light triggers for high coolant temp, low fuel and low battery voltage

Red LED warning light triggers for CEL/MIL

White neutral safety indicator

MIL Code Text displayed so no need for a scan tool to check for codes when the MIL lamp is illuminated

Available Channels from YXZ CAN bus

Engine Speed (RPM)

Vehicle Speed

Coolant temp (displayed in numerical value)

Gear shifter position

Neutral light

AWD/Diff lock status

Check Engine Light Status (displayed in text, i.e.: “Throttle Pos Sensor Short”, Crank Pos Signal Not Detected”, etc.)

Parking brake indicator

Fuel level is not transmitted through the factory CAN bus, so AEM’s 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module (PN 30-2226) is required to convert the fuel level signal so it can be displayed. The YXZ Plug & Play Harness includes a connector for the 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module and the configuration files are pre-programmed to display this channel if it is available. In addition to providing the ability to display Fuel Level on the YXZ, this module also provides a path to expand channels on your dash by adding two additional pressure or temperature sensors.

Add Even More Channels through CAN bus Connections

The harnesses for CD Carbon Dashes include two independent CAN bus inputs, so virtually any device with a CAN output (like an existing logger, wideband air/fuel ratio controller module, programmable ECU, etc.) can be added to your CD Carbon YXZ display. The dashes are validated to support hundreds of 3rd party devices in addition to AEMnet CAN-enabled products.

About the CD Carbon Dashes

CD-5 and CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Displays feature full-color, daylight readable screens surrounded by tough, lightweight flow-molded carbon fiber composite housings. They receive channels from CAN-enabled devices and can be installed on any vehicle, and are available with integrated data logging and GPS for MPH, track mapping and lap timing. Seven ultra-bright LEDs span the top of the display housings for RPM and shift light indication and two additional programmable LEDs are located on the sides of the enclosure. Users can program the shift lights to ascend in specific increments based on RPM range and flash when it is time to shift. Brightness is user programmable for the display screen and LEDs.


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