Adam Eppolito’s 2009 Pontiac G8

By: Flowmaster | 09/07/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home

If you took a step back three years to 2014, you would find Adam Eppolito on the hunt for his next car. After weighing his options and putting some serious thought into what he wanted to be behind the wheel of next, Adam ultimately found his new ride at a dealership in Minnesota. That ride: a 2009 Pontiac G8. Based off of the exceptional Holden Commodore and manufactured in GM’s South Australia production facility, the G8 offered muscle car performance with family sedan practicality


Rolling off the assembly line with a 361hp V8, the power was there, but Adam quickly found that he was yearning for more. First on the list of modifications was the addition of aftermarket headers and a performance exhaust system. With mild gains from the new setup, there was still plenty of room for improvement. It was at this point that Eppolito picked up the phone and contacted a gentleman by the name of Brian King. You may remember Brian from our recent AWD Cutlass article. If you still don’t know who we’re referring to, let’s just say that the car was in good hands; hands that know how to make things go fast. Forced induction always gets the job done and Brian hooked Adam’s G8 up with a ProCharger system. The power-adder boosted horsepower to well over 500 at the wheels. The newfound power necessitated a beefed-up BMR suspension and, at this point, the brakes were also addressed. Massive Baer 6-piston calipers where installed up front and 4-piston units were placed in the rear to bring things safely to a stop.

With the drivetrain enhancements complete, Adam’s next course of action was to step up the exterior appeal of his new Pontiac. Eppolito took the road less traveled and decided to build the car to resemble a vehicle that never came to be, the Hurst Pontiac G8. The services of Brian King were enlisted once again and the car’s body was given a complete black and gold wrap as a nod to the Hurst car that never was. A set of Hurst Dazzler wheels were added to further improve the car’s appearance and handling characteristics. Topping it all off and tying it all together, custom Hurst logo embroidery was stitched in to decorate and distinguish the G8 tribute’s interior.

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