B&M Trans Adapter Plate 30497 - SBC/BBC to Buick, Olds, Pontiac TH350, TH400, TH700R4

By: B&M | 09/05/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home

This B&M Racing transmission bellhousing adapter plate was developed to bolt a Buick, Oldsomobile or Pontiac TH350,TH400 or TH700R4 transmission on Chevrolet small block big block engines manufactured after 1962. Does not fit late model LS or LS based LT engines. The heavy gauge adapter plate is laser cut to exacting tolerances for a precise fit, then powdercoated with a premium black finish. Also features the iconic B&M name laser cut in the plate. Includes hardware to mount the adapter plate to the transmission and installation instructions. -Laser Cut For Precise Fitment -Black Powdercoated Finish -Heavy 10 Gauge Steel -B&M Logo Laser Cut

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