Big Blocks, Hemis, and Slant Sixes: Rad Mopar Power Plants from Holley MoParty 2020

Author: Evan Smith | 09/20/2020 < Back to Motor Life Home

Small-block, slant-six, six-pack, max wedge, and of course Hemi—those are just some of the names bestowed on our beloved Mopar engines—many of which were developed to crush the competition with big cubes and big horsepower. Horsepower was the theme at the 1st Annual Holley MoParty, so we roamed the grounds and peeked under every hood we could. Along with the wildly popular 426 hemi engines, there was a slew of modern Hemi mills swapped into just about everything you could imagine.

We uncovered an array of four-, six- and eight-cylinder goodness representing nearly all the Dodge, Plymouth or Chrysler variety. The engines were endless, from big-block monsters, to slant-sixes, to small-blocks, to max wedge engines and naturally, the mighty hemi (classic and modern).

When it comes to going quick in the quarter, it’s hard to beat a big-block Mopar. This is Francis McManamom’s 514ci beast that features Indy E2 heads, a Super Victor intake, and a Holley 1150 Dominator. He ran his best-ever ET at Moparty, a 9.71 at 135 mph.

002. Twin-turbos on a small-block, why not? Ted Redmond dropped a pair of Precision units on his 434ci to make it to MoParty. Yeah, that sounds like a party.

003. Got boost? Todd Carlson does with his blown 1971 Charger. It has 540 cubes and a BDS 10-71 blower.

004. What’s cooler than a factory 425-horsepower, 426ci Hemi? Maybe a Hemi stuffed in a legit 1969 Charger 500.

005. One of our favorites is the 340 six-barrel that you find in the AAR Cuda’ and Challenger T/A models.

006. Larry Huffines dropped a 572 mega-block in his rear-engine dragster that runs the 1/8-mile in 4.7 seconds. It sports Indy 440-1 heads along with a tunnel-ram intake and a pair of Holley 750 carbs. Oh, it also makes 950 hp!

007. We love stack injection, especially on a modern Hemi. James Elsmore went that route on his ’64 Plymouth wagon that also has Holley HP EFI.

008. This modern Hemi with a pair of twin turbos, and billet-aluminum intake manifold looks stout.

009. We give the green light to Mopar engine swaps, but we found this Hellcat in a Dakota to really get us excited. Greg Snider stuffed this one in his ’98 Dodge truck, backed it with a stick transmission and drove it from Michigan to Moparty in Bowling Green, KY. No slouch, he ran 10.50s at 133 mph.

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