Björn Morhin’s 1970 Chevrolet Nova “Yenko” Tribute - Customers Spotlight

By: Flowmaster | 05/23/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home

When one thinks of the high-horsepower cars you would expect to see on the streets of Berlin, Germany, BMWs, Mercedes, and perhaps Porsches come to mind. However, Björn Morhin drives something special, a 1970 Chevrolet Nova “Yenko” tribute.

Björn acquired his Nova after an exhausting online search. After coming across an ad for a Nova residing in the Netherlands, Björn instantly jumped on the phone and contacted the seller to arrange a showing. He was drawn to the car by what he feels is an understated body, one that is simple yet proper, with just the right lines. Shortly after speaking with the owner, Björn jumped into a car with a few friends and drove from Berlin to the Netherlands. Upon arrival, a Björn thoroughly inspected the classic Chevy, a deal was struck and Björn became the proud new owner of a ’70 Nova.

Eventually Björn decided it was time to restore the car. He spent a great deal of time conceptualizing what he wanted, searching for the right color and stance to give his Nova. While looking for inspiration, Björn came across classic photos of the Yenko dealership and some of the awesome options offered during the hay-day of classic muscle cars. It was from there that he decided to build his Yenko tribute. For the exterior, a sleek and subtle GM “Shadow Grey” was chosen, with discreet “Yenko” strips along the rear quarter panels accentuating the vehicle’s body lines. Inside, the Nova was treated to a completely new interior with faint vintage race car touches. Classic RCI racing seats, Autometer Phantom gauges and a Hurst Competition/Plus shifter add custom touches to the freshly updated cabin. Additionally, no restoration is complete without a revised drivetrain. In just over a year’s time, Björn took the 454ci V8 that came in the car and had it bored out to 468ci, refreshed the Muncie gearbox, and hooked up a Currie Enterprises 9” rearend.

Today, the Nova is a car that Björn loves to drive on a regular basis; often stomping on the gas, dumping the clutch, and allowing that big block torque to make use of the rear rubber. However, as is the case with most builds, things aren’t over for this Chevy. Björn plans to swap out the 468ci engine for a built 496ci big block in addition to overhauling the entire suspension system this summer. We wish him the best of luck in his endeavors as he continues to build up this awesome machine, which you can follow on his Instagram page: a_one57.

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