Brothers Trucks 1955-1959 Lower Door Repair


Brothers Trucks 1955-1959 Lower Door Repair


This is the Chevy we are going to pull parts from.

Brothers has all the sheet metal to fix your rust problem. This full lower door piece is for the truly wasted door.

Brothers also offers separate door pieces that can be used on less damaged doors. This piece is the lower edge of the door.

This piece is for replacing the exterior door skin

It is easy to see the rust damage to the door on the ’56. The outer skin needed to be replaced.

The lower piece was also gone. With no place to go, any water will pool in the bottom of the door and begin its process of destruction.

To determine the cut line, we placed the outer skin on the door.

He then clamped it in place. Because he didn’t need the entire width of the new piece, we marked where the excess will be removed

Using a die grinder, he cut through the new skin and the door. This way, the two pieces will fit together exactly

He then cut along the bottom of the door

The next step was to break the tack-welds on the seam. With these broken, the folded metal could be opened up, allowing the two pieces to come apart.

The outer skin was then removed

The new Brothers lower piece was set on the door and clamped into place.

It was then marked to be cut.

Again, it is better to cut both pieces at the same time.

The door was now open and ready for the new pieces to be tacked on.

Dave surface-prepped the area with a grinder prior to welding.

The two pieces were set in place.

The Eastwood company makes these trick little clamps; they’re called Intergrips. The Intergrips hold two pieces of sheet metal together and leave a tiny separation, which allows the welds someplace to go, rather than just on top.

A few taps with a mallet ensured that the two pieces were well spaced.

With that, it was just a matter of welding the pieces together, we made sure to use a rotating pattern and wet towels when welding to ensure that he kept excess heat to a minimum.

The clamps were used on the lower piece as well.

Again, care was taken when welding.

A hammer and a dolly were used to fold the outer skin over the edge.

Another trick tool from Eastwood is this clamp that crimps the fold tightly.

The lower piece was massaged into place and welded up.

With the welding completed, the welds were ground smooth.

All the pieces were sent to be prepped. Once they returned, they were sprayed with primer inside and out to ensure that rust is never a problem again.


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