Brothers Trucks 1967-1972 Power Window Conversion


Brothers Trucks 1967-1972 Power Window Conversion


The BROTHERS kit for the ’67-72 trucks is this. It’s a kit that is specific to these trucks only, so the new regulators bolt-up right in the stock location as the originals. Stock GM style switches are included with the conversion kit.

We started by removing the armrests, door handles, window cranks, and speakers from the doors.

Then the door panels were carefully pulled off and set aside.

Proceeded to remove all the screws in the door, including those that hold the channel in place since we were replacing the seals.

There are actually as many screws for the channel as there are for the regulator.

Finally, the lower two of the six screws that hold it in place were removed.

Along with the three that hold the vent window in place.

With the window down, the vent window assembly was then slid backward and up and out of the door.

Slide the glass track of each end of the regulator.

The glass could then be removed from the door.

Lastly, the four remaining screws holding the regulator were removed.

and the manual regulator was relieved of duty.

The comparison shot shows just how similar the power window regulator is to the stock unit. this makes for a much easier install.

While the glass was out, pry out the stock clips to remove the rotten felts from the door.

Peel out the stock window channel.

The new felt from Brothers went in just as easily as the old stuff came out.

Since the power regulator is roughly the same shape and size as the stocker, it slips right in the door without cutting the dreaded access hole.

New hardware is provided to secure the power regulator to the door.

Drop the glass back into the door. The new regulator was lined up and slipped into each end of the channel.

The new channel was pressed into the vent window assembly.

Then the assembly was returned to its home in the door.

Feed the switch plugs through the door and ran the wiring accordingly.

Ditto for the new channel.

Once the left-side to right-side connections were made, all that was left to do was hook up the power to the ground.

Run a power wire directly off of the battery and through a fusible link to power the windows.

Holes must be drilled through the doorjamb to run the wires right rubber grommet, it will make for a clean installation.

Finally, the crank holes were notched so the factory GM-style switches would snap into place. Our old ’67 is quickly turning into quite the luxury vehicle!


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