Brothers Trucks 1967-1972 Suburban Interior Install


Brothers Trucks 1967-1972 Suburban Interior Install


The first step in laying the carpet, assuming your floor is prepped, is to check the fit of the carpet kit. In our case, all the pieces fit well even though the carpet was laid over the Accumat.

Even though the carpet is custom cut and molded, it is still wise to make sure there are no surprises.

Use a hole punch to locate the factory body holes so the trim screws can pass through the edge plate, through the carpeting, and into the body. We used sill plates with trim screws to finish off our carpet.

The rubber weather-stripping around the door openings is held in position with weather-strip adhesive as well as the door sill plate.

Once the carpet is fitted to the interior and attached via trim pieces such as the door sill plates you can go back and cut the carpeting where seat or seat belt mounting hardware comes through. We used a single-side razor blade–be careful!

When overlapping the carpeting under the front seat make sure to overlap the back over the front carpet. This will keep passengers in the second seat from sliding their feet under the carpet.

New arm rests were used rather than saving the old ones.

The side marker looms also needed replacing but at the same time we elected to install new side markers. It’s amazing how these items give the outside of the truck a “new” appearance.

The outside door handles also needed replacing and they too came from a kit with fresh hardware and gaskets.

We used home window foam insulation tape with adhesive on one side to create a seal between the door panel and the door cutting down on the possibility of wind (air) leaks.

With tape in place on the door, the panel is readied for the position. Make sure you have all the panel clips in place.

The panel will fit properly as a result of the self-aligning clips.

These foam seals go over the door opening and window operating mechanism. They take up space and seal against wind (air) leaks between the door panels and door. They are not interchangeable, make sure to get them in the right position.

This is how the foam seals slide over the mechanisms between the door and panel.

There’s a white plastic spacer that serves as a gasket to prevent the metal interior window and door crank handles from rubbing on either the plastic of the panel or the rubber of the foam seat.

The door or window interior handles come with locking clips that hold them in position.

Make sure to align the handles in proper “clocking” with the forward handle operating the window and the rear handle for the door opening mechanism.

This is the “third” door on a ’67-72 Suburban, note there is no armrest pad.

This is the panel for a faux door where the fourth door would eventually be installed in later models is one of a kind. Note the absence of an armrest and door-opening handle, only a window crank is used.


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