Brothers Trucks Headliner Installation


Brothers Trucks Headliner Installation


We started at the top and worked our way down. This is the headliner and trim from Brothers. To install the headliner trim we will have to cut slots in the roof to accommodate the clips. But first, we have to lay out the position of the clips. Of course, if you’re replacing your truck’s factory headliner you won’t have to cut anything.

In order to determine where we would have to cut the holes, we choose to mark the clip position on the trim molding with masking tape. Once we had all the clips marked, we taped the complete assembly in place and marked the position of the clips on the roof.

Next, we removed the trim and finished marking the roof. The slots must be centered in the step-up of the roof. If you place them too high you won’t be able to snap the trim all the way in, too low and there will be an unsightly gap between the headliner and trim. The clips are only about 1/2″ wide but we made our slots a little over an inch to provide adjustment.

Once the layout was complete we center-punched and drilled a 7/32″ hole at each end. We were careful not to plunge the drill too deep because the outer roof skin is very close.

We then had to cut the material in between the holes. We used our trusty cut-off wheel because it leaves a nice straight line and won’t go too deep into the roof. We made sure to cover anything we didn’t want to get burned by flying sparks – especially the windshield.

Spray both the headliner board and the roof with 3M’s adhesive spray and let it sit until the glue has tacked up. Enlist the help from a friend and stick the headliner into place.

We carefully snapped the trim on. This was the hardest part of the installation because the clips are very stiff. Be patient.

Next, we drilled the screw holes with a 1/8″ drill bit and installed the screws.

Headliner installation is complete.


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