Brothers Tucks 1967-1972 One Piece Window Installation


Brothers Tucks 1967-1972 One Piece Window Installation


To get started on the installation of the Brothers one-piece window kit remove the armrest, window crank, door release handle, and door panel.

Next remove all the original door glass, starting with the vent window assembly. With the vent window and front channel removed, release the window from the regulator assembly and lift the glass out of the door.

This is the hardware for one door that is necessary(besides glass and scrapers) for the conversion to one-piece glass.

Using a hacksaw or another cutting device, cut the center window support from the door.

As a safety precaution, it’s recommended that you file the sharp edges to eliminate extra material and a potential safety hazard.

Once the original sash has been removed form the glass by gently tapping it off with a flat-blade screwdriver and a hammer, it is ready to be modified. Draw a line down the vertical portion of the sash.

use a hacksaw to cut the piece loose from the sash.

Reassemble the sash by placing the new bracket into the sash.

Drill four holes using the bracket as a guide. Use the supplied Phillips head screws and the nylon locknuts to reassemble, then place the modified sash aside for the next step.

Following the detailed Brothers instructions, modify and reassemble the rear window channel with the supplied with the supplied relocation brackets.

Again following the instructions, modify the original front window channel and lower it into place using the new front corner piece.

The new corner is secured in place using the factory hole that had secured the original vent-wing assembly.

After removing the original felt-weather seal from the doorframe, replace it with the new one-piece seal supplied with the kit.

Install the new window-run felt into the modified front channel.

Lower the modified sash into the door and attach it to the window regulator assembly.

Lower the new one-piece glass into the door and set it into the sash assembly.

The final step is to install these supplied special one-piece window scrapers.

The inner and outer scrapers and anti-rattle set simply pop into the original holes in the door, and you are done.

The new one-piece glass gives a crisp and clean look to the doors, and the new one-piece seals will make your truck quieter as well.


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