Capizzi sets new LS Stock Bottom End record with Holley EFI!

Author: Skylar Drake | 10/26/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Jonathan Capizzi of Holland, Michigan made the long haul down to Ohio Valley Dragway in Kentucky for the "Turkey Bash 2K19" event. In testing for the race on Thursday, Capizzi shocked the world when he set a new stock bottom end (SBE) record for LS Engines with his insane 4.506 @ 155.70 pass!

Starting with a Gen IV 5.3L pulled from a 2011 Suburban, Jon outfitted it with a Garrett Gen 2 88mm turbo, a custom ground Baker camshaft and 243 casting heads that he hand ported himself. Topping the engine off with a Holley EFI system including a Dominator ECU, Holley Hi-Ram intake manifold/fuel rails, a slew of Holley sensors and methanol fuel to make this one rowdy combination! Jon took Holley's EFI training courses a few years ago and began working with the system at his shop Capizzi Automotive. Now Jon handles all of the tuning responsibilities and it's safe to say he has it figured out! For those questioning the "SBE" moniker, you can be assured that this 5.3L is all GM. Jon says that even the short-block fasteners are OE only relying on aftermarket hardware for the cylinder heads and balancer bolt.

Congratulations to Jon and the Capizzi Automotive team on this incredible record and good luck on continuing to lower the E.T. even further. Rumor has it that this combination may find its way onto a 1/4 mile track at an attempt for a six second time slip, keep your eyes peeled for that run in the future.

Check out Jordan Crosier's video of the pass below:

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