Chase Johnson - Racer Profile

By: Flowmaster | 05/01/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home

Chase Johnson, a native Northern Californian, is an exceptionally talented racer with a compelling story. He is a 4th generation racer, a 6-time Outlaw kart champion, a 360 winged sprint car champion and all by the age of 21! Chase’s career has also had some extremely dark days racing back in 2013. While racing in his first race of the season at Marysville Raceway, Chase’s steering wheel malfunctioned causing him to lose control of his sprint car careening over an exit gate and striking his 14 year old cousin, Marcus Johnson, and 68 year old sprint car owner, Dale Wondergem Jr. resulting in fatal injuries to both parties. Understandably, Chase was absent from racing for almost a year to come to peace with his family’s loss and racing in general. Chase describes the courage it took to return to racing, “I strive to be a successful racer, but also a strong inspiration to anyone that might have a tough time overcoming a difficulty in their life.” Chase now rocks the number 68 to honor Marcus and Dale; sending the message to those who have lost, but not given up, to stand tall despite tragedy.

This year, Chase will be at the wheel piloting both 410ci and 360ci winged & non-winged sprint cars at some of the most challenging and historical tracks around Northern California. The cars are all powered by Wesmar Racing Engines in Maxim sprint car chassis’. The Wesmar 410ci engines pump out 920hp, while the 360’s make 780hp. Chase’s race mufflers of choice are Flowmaster mufflers, the same as his Grandpa, who was one of the first Flowmaster dealers back in the early 1980’s. The sprint car mufflers Chase runs are part# 53545-10, which are specifically built for methanol/alcohol applications to meet the strict California 95dBA sound rules without restricting power. Chase’s 2017 stats so far include; 7 race finishes with 1 win, 3 top five’s, 3 top 10’s, 3 top 15’s, and 4 top 20’s. We wish Chase and all racers, a fast-paced, successful and especially safe 2017 racing season.

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