Congratulations To Matt Fletcher For Winning Holley's Sloppy Mechanics 2021 Sweepstakes

Author: Bryan McTaggart | 03/29/2021 < Back to Motor Life Home

The GM LS engine has a bit of a mythos about it. With just a little bit of hop-up knowledge, some boost, and a computer that is more willing to play along than the standard GM unit, you can take the typical crud-covered truck engine and wind up with a fire-breathing mill that will fit just about anywhere you dare put it. It's a solid recipe, as we've seen at every LS Fest. The only way to make this DIY racer program any better would be to win your way into a pile of parts that'll guarantee that things will perform once you get that wicked grin on your face and decide to see how fast you can make that boost gauge move. Holley teamed up with Sloppy Mechanics and put together a solid list of parts that will wake up any LS engine under the sun:

  • 300-621BK Holley Modular Lo-Ram EFI Manifold LS1/2/6
  • 550-932 Terminator X Max 24X/1X EV6 LS MPFI Kit with DBW Throttle Body Control
  • 553-112 Holley EFI 6.86” Pro Dash
  • 8510HKR Hooker Blackheart LS Turbo Exhaust Manifolds
  • Snake Eater 1000cc/min, 96lb/hr@43PSI Injectors
  • VSR Next Gen 7875 Billet Turbocharger

Not a bad kit of goodies, is it? We didn't think so and neither did you, seeing how many entered for the prize! After going through the list, our winner for the 2021 Sloppy Mechanics Sweepstakes is Matt Fletcher from Sioux City, Iowa!

Matt is a tech at a GM dealer and is the kind of guy "who everybody goes to when they need cool stuff built," as he told us. And that's just scratching the surface of things, as we learned. You could take one look at his 1965 Ford Mustang, the same car that he uses to haul a trailer filled with motorcycles to the Black Hills with, and think you have a grasp of what's going on here. But Fletcher has time wrenching on semi-trucks, and at one point in time crewed on an Indy team. But let's go back to that Mustang for a minute...we're sorry, Ford faithful, but it's another one of those "Ford Tough with Chevy Stuff" builds. The Mustang has been a one-family car for the majority of it's life. Before he came to own the Mustang, his grandfather owned it. Prior to, his great-grandmother had bought the car from the original owner. It's obvious that the Mustang isn't stock, but the modifications have been thought-out and planned, from the mini-tubs to the front suspension with Speedway 3-way For the past three years, he's been running the LS – a "rod and piston" combination – with the stock ECU and that has shown to have some problems over the years. Sure, the car still has air conditioning, and cruise control, and can rip off a mid-nine in the quarter. But when you're worried about the computer actually behaving? That's not good.

While the Mustang is every bit a racing machine, it is still a daily driver and will remain so. We can appreciate anybody who is using their street machine as their main ride of choice, and we hope that Matt and his Mustang have many more miles of fun ahead of them. Congratulations!

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