Considering the Purchase of a Used Racepak V-Net Drag Race Data System?

By: Racepak | 01/14/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

The rugged design of Racepak products provides years of service, often for multiple customers, between multiple vehicles, through the used market.

Before purchasing a used Racepak data system, there are a number details to verify, as often times the costs to refurbish a data system due to missing components, cut cables and Racepak factory labor, can exceed the cost of a new system.

If you wish to send your used system to Racepak, we will set up and check the system out for a $100 system setup fee, plus whatever items are missing from the complete system. You can save yourself a little time and money by doing this at home, checking the components you have against the list below to determine what (if any) items you are missing to complete your Racepak V300SD or V500SD system. For your ordering convenience, a list of part numbers and their corresponding links can be found at the bottom of this page.

V300SD / V500SD Data Logger

  • Data logger with SD memory card and single pin serial port plug
  • Instruction manual
  • Programming cable and USB to serial adapter
  • USB memory stick with correct serial number license information, for that particular data logger
  • One – 9” long V-Net ‘T’ cable connected to V-Net port of data logger. More than one 9” V-Net “T” connector indicates an improper installation, which will result in data failure
  • One – male and one –female, blue end V-Net terminator cap. If no V-Net sensors are installed, the terminator caps will be on the 9” ‘T’ cable. If V-Net sensors are installed, the V-Net terminator caps will be found and the beginning and end of the V-Net sensor chain. The system will not operate without the T cable and terminator caps, installed
  • Black dust cap installed on the data logger Analog port (if not in use)
  • Main RPM harness, connected to RPM port of data logger. Harness should include:
    • Engine RPM cable with installed connector
    • Driveshaft RPM cable with installed connector
    • Clutch RPM cable with installed connector
    • Power/Ground cable
    • Start Record cable with Start Record button (if desired)
  • Drive shaft RPM sensor and two-piece magnetic split collar with mount bracket
  • Single red wire MSD pigtail harness utilized to obtain engine RPM from MSD (or other aftermarket ignition box with square wave tach signal) or mag pickup for magneto-based ignition systems
  • Ensure all V-Net, Analog and RPM sensors and cables are equipped with all mating connectors.

Replacement Part Numbers for Above Listed Components

Part Number Description
200-MS-V300SD V300SD Data Recorder
200-MS-V500SD V500SD Data Recorder
280-CA-HARNMSD3 Engine RPM pigtail (single red wire) for MSD or other battery ignition
280-CA-IM-DCAPM Black Dust Cap for Analog port of data logger
280-CA-VM-T009 V-Net 9” ‘T’ cable
280-CA-VM-TCAPM V-Net Male terminator cap
280-CA-VM-TCAPF V-Net Female terminator cap
280-SN-MAGPU3 Engine RPM pickup for Magneto ignition
280-CA-HARNPDCB V300SD / V500SD RPM & Power harness (door car)
280-CA-ST140SR Serial programming cable for V300SD & Sportsman
280-SW-BUTTON3 Start Record Button
800-CL-8M-XXXX Driveshaft RPM split collar (XXXX denotes diameter)
800-MB-SS-5 Driveshaft sensor mount bracket
800-SS-MSC-5 Driveshaft RPM sensor
890-CA-USB2SER PC USB port to serial adapter
890-CA-USBABM-6 USB programming cable for V500SD
890-DR-DISK USB License Disk (please call Racepak at 888-429-4709 to order)
890-SD-RDR-5 SD memory card to PC USB port reader
890-SDWC-8GB 8GB SD Memory Card

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