Dress Up Your Engine Properly With The Help Of Holley's Full Product Line!

10 min read

Dress Up Your Engine Properly With The Help Of Holley's Full Product Line!

10 min read

When it comes to a typical engine build, most do it yourself guys are going to use a pair of valve covers from one company, an intake from another, a random carburetor, a mismatched air cleaner, and so on and so forth. The end result can often be a mish-mash of catalog parts with no particular theme or cohesion. But with Holley's vast product line, it's possible to not only tie the components together aesthetically, but to do so in a performance-oriented manner as well. By using a combination of products, including Holley's Vintage Series line of finned aluminum hard parts, as well as fuel and ignition components from Holley, Weiand, and MSD, the stroker small-block Chevrolet that is currently being wrapped up will not only look great, but will have the performance to match!

Follow along as we transform our small block Chevy into a clean, blacked-out long block that we enjoy looking at more on the stand than we do in the engine bay. Maybe.

Timing Chain Cover

Our 377ci long block Chevy looks good, but could use a little help in the style department; enter Holley and their vast line of performance and dress-up components, such as the Holley Cast Aluminum Timing Chain Cover (p/n 21-151) we've already installed.

Weiand 8121

First up, Weiand's Street Warrior Intake Manifold (p/n 8120BK) for 1986+ Vortec cylinder heads. Cast using a permanent mold process, these CNC-machined manifolds are designed to make max power in the idle to 5,000 rpm band. To keep up with our engine's aesthetic, we opted to shoot our as-cast intake in black Cerakote.

Mr. Gasket Thermostat Neck

Another item that received the Cerakote treatment is a Mr. Gasket O-ring style water neck (p/n 9142G). A Mr. Gasket Balanced High Performance / High Flow Thermostat (p/n 4364) will ensure our small block maintains proper operating temperature.

Weiand Oil Pan

A finned aluminum Weiand Oil Pan kit (p/n 6002FWND) will be used to add a little style to the bottom side of our engine.


Holley Vintage valve covers

Up top, the finned aluminum treatment continues in the shape of Holley Vintage-Style finned, die-cast aluminum satin black machined valve covers (p/n 241-247). Part of Holley's Vintage Series, these valve covers are a great option to add a little retro styling to the late '86+ Vortec Chevy heads. Standard height with internal oil baffling and machined to accept a push-in PCV / breather combination.

MSD ready to run

To ensure the proper delivery of the ignition energy, an MSD Ready-to-Run Distributor (p/n 83603) will be used to ensure reliable, accurate, and consistent spark.

MSD coil

To provide the spark on our small block, we'll be using an MSD Blaster 2 canister-style Ignition Coil (p/n 82023). Designed specifically for use with electronic ignitions, the Blaster 2 coils feature 100:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance, producing high voltage output.

Sniper Stealth Kit

Included in the Sniper Stealth Kit is a high-resolution, full-color touchscreen used for initial setup, timing, and gauge displays. A Wideband O2 sensor and clamp-on bracket, Coolant Temp Sensor, and wiring harness with integrated fuse and relay ensure simple and reliable installation.

Holley Vintage Air Cleaner

Topping off our build is another finned component from the Holley Vintage Series Line, a 14-inch die-cast aluminum air cleaner (p/n 120-153) that matches perfectly with the Holley valve covers.


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