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By: Ray Frescas | 03/08/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

The hydraulic clutch systems on most late-model vehicles use a plastic clutch line that is tough to modify and may be suspect in high heat, high pressure situations when using an upgraded clutch and pressure plate. Earls new stainless steel and aluminum adapter fittings allow the use of pre-made stainless braided PTFE lined hose instead of the OEM plastic clutch line. Earls new adapters make it easy to mix and match OEM and aftermarket parts when doing an engine swap or building a racecar. These adapters are available in several styles to fit most OEM late-model master cylinders, slave cylinders, or hydraulic clutch release bearings.

Earls adapters fit most 2009 and older GM hydraulic clutch components as well as 2006 and older Jeep/Mopar vehicles with the OEM plastic clutch lines. These adapters easily fit into factory master and slave cylinders. Simply drive out the roll pin and old adapter pops out. Now you can can fit in our new Earls adapter, make sure to lube the o-ring. Earls even has adapters that fit most late model Ford, GM, Jeep/Mopar hydraulic clutch components. These are retained by a c-clip that installs just as easy. For those of you with Tremec T-56 transmissions, Earls adapter fitting makes easy work of installing a 4AN stainless steel hose assembly to your T-56 without the removal of the transmission. This quick-connect style fitting has been engineered to clip into the gold anodized tube on the release bearing just as the OEM clutch line did. A removal tool is included so you can remove OEM hose.

These adapters also fit many other vehicles, be sure to check your hydraulic clutch components to make sure you get the appropriate adapters that will work in your application. Sold individually so you can get the right adapters for your custom clutch setup.

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