Earl's Harmonic Balancer Bolts

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 03/06/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

When you think of high-performance bolts what comes to mind? Head bolts, rod bolts, or maybe even main cap bolts? Well, what about your harmonic balancer bolt? Are you still using a mediocre, stock bolt? Earl’s doesn’t want you to chance it. That’s why we offer high-quality harmonic balancer bolts to fit most popular Ford and Chevy applications.

Earl’s performance harmonic balancer bolts are made from high strength 4135 chrome moly steel and they’re wrapped in a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish. Our bolts have a tensile strength rating of 180,000 PSI, keeping that balancer securely on the crank, right where it belongs. Earl’s crank bolts feature extra thick washer to evenly distribute the load and we use only high quality rolled threads to ensure you get maximum thread engagement and accurate torque readings.

Earl’s bolt’s feature an extra tall 12 point head design, to ensure maximum socket contact on the bolt. This helps prevent stripping and slipping during the install and torquing process. It can also save you from some bloody knuckles! Don’t throw your hard earned money in the trash, and stop using those one-time use, torque to yield bolts! Earl’s harmonic balancer bolts are reusable! To get the most out of your bolt, be sure to use anti-seize on the threads and under the bolt head when installing Earl’s harmonic balancer bolts. Then torque them to the specifications listed on the box.

To learn more about Earls balancer bolts or any of our other performance fasteners, visit our website at

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