Earl's Oil Thermostat

By: Ray Frescas07/31/2018 < Back to Blog Home

Earl’s Oil thermostats are ideal to regulate your engine’s oil temperature when using an external oil cooler. These are perfect for Automotive, Marine, Air-cooled and Towing applications, especially in cold climates where a quick oil warm up is needed. The newly redesigned Earl’s 501ERL is a universal fit thermostat that connects in-line with AN lines and fittings. This Thermostat bypasses the oil cooler until the oil temperature reaches 160 degrees, at that point, the thermostat valve will gradually allow oil to begin flowing through the cooler and have full flow capacity at 180 degrees. The Earls thermostat has been meticulously engineered and streamlined to provide full, unobstructed oil flow through the cooler and back to your engine using large internal passages and -10AN fitting ports. Another nice feature of the Earl’s oil thermostat is the 1/8” NPT ports that allow the installation of temperature probes or pressure sensors to monitor the oil inlet from the engine, as well as the oil supply and return from the cooler. We also have compact units that easily sandwich in-between your oil filter for quick and easy installation. We have them for Ford, Chrysler and Chevrolet applications including a universal model, the popular 501ERL! Earl’s Oil thermostats are essential to help regulate your engine’s oil temperature when using an engine oil cooler. Earl’s also offers oil coolers in all shapes and sizes to fit any application including an extensive selection of AN fittings. We have solutions for any possible situation you might encounter.