Epic Build: The Ringbrothers Holley EFI-Equipped "G-Code" Camaro

By: Todd Veney l Images by Hot Rod Network03/08/2017 < Back to Blog Home
By now, SEMA attendees have grown accustomed to being blown away on an almost annual basis by the innovative creations that roll out of Ringbrothers, Mike and Jim Ring’s automotive emporium in tiny Spring Green, Wis. But this time they really outdid themselves. "G-Code," their take on perhaps the most iconic muscle car of all, the '69 Camaro, is a true masterwork that took 5,000 man-hours to complete.

"There isn't a piece of sheet metal or anything on this car that we haven't modified, but it was very important to Don that when it was done it was recognizable as a '69 Camaro," said Jim Ring of the car's owner, Don Atkinson. Unlike most owners, Atkinson actually had a hand in the car's creation, machining numerous one-off components himself. Unmistakably a '69 and rightfully chosen the best Chevy at the 2016 SEMA show in Las Vegas, the "G-Code" Camaro is a classic muscle car and a modern technological marvel. It's everything a custom build should be – innovative, original, breathtaking in both style and construction.

Power comes from an LS3 that's been punched out to 416 cubic inches and produces just short of 1,000 horsepower. What appears to be three superchargers is actually one Whipple blower and what the Ringbrothers call "blower extensions." "People sometimes ask if the engine runs because they don't see any fuel rails or spark plug wires, and that's just the way we like it," Ring said. They built custom carbon-fiber covers to hide everything and give the entire engine compartment a clean, professional look.

Atkinson machined the rear bumper and basically the entire rear of the car from one giant hunk of aluminum. "He got the exact look he wanted because he did it himself," Ring said. "Not many owners bring that to a project, but Don had the knowledge and the get-it-done attitude to make it happen. A lot of people can start a project, but not just anybody can get something like this done." The Ringbrothers team flush-mounted the windshield, designed and created their own carbon-fiber rocker panels that have to be seen to be believed, created an extra two inches of clearance under the hood without distorting the body's signature lines, and had it painted "Blueprint" blue, a custom color from BASF.

"It's a monster," Ring says of "G-Code's" blown 984-horse 6.2-liter LS3 powerplant, which features a Holley Dominator ECU. "The Dominator EFI system runs everything, and it's very predictable. We only want the best, and that's what Holley is. It works, and it works the first time – you don't have to do it twice." The ground-pounding power and torque is transferred to the pavement through a Tremec six-speed transmission, a complete aftermarket suspension designed by Detroit Speed, HRE wheels like those on 1980s IROC Z/28 Camaros, and extra-wide Michelin rubber.

The "G-Code" '69 Camaro, which has already appeared on "Leno's Garage," now takes its rightful place alongside other Ringbrothers originals like the "Recoil" '66 Chevelle, the "Espionage" '65 Mustang, and the "Afterburner" '64 Fairlane. And it won't be a trailer queen – Atkinson had this car built to drive. "Why have all these high-end parts on and let it sit there?" Ring asked. "Don's going to drive this thing into the dirt."

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