Flowmaster Super HP-2 Mufflers

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 02/12/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

If you’re looking for that deep throaty sound from your ride but don’t have the room for a traditional muffler, look no further than Super HP-2 mufflers from Flowmaster. 

The Super hp-2 mufflers offer the same great performance benefits, that you’ve come to expect from our laminar flow mufflers. Our unique design gives you a deep muscular exhaust tone while minimizing that annoying interior drone. All these features are wrapped in a stylish yet compact square case. Laminar technology found in the HP-2 mufflers uses two opposing conical structures to create a deep powerful tone, that’s significantly quieter than our competitors. The unique shape of the internal cones creates a controlled laminar flow pattern to smooth out exhaust gasses, reduce turbulence, and cancel higher pitch frequencies leaving you with a deep exhaust tone. The increased area of the exit cone also helps to accelerate the exhaust gasses as they exit the muffler, creating a scavenging effect which improves engine performance, increases exhaust velocity and improves throttle response.

Flowmaster’s patented cool shell technology not only helps retain the heat inside the muffler to reduce external case temperatures, it also increases the exhaust velocity. Lower external temperatures allow the muffler to be installed in tighter con-fines without the fear of melting or overheating floor boards and other vehicle components. Super HP-2 mufflers are available in 409 stainless steel or you can get yours in 304 stainless and polish it up for a show car shine. Flowmaster offers the Super Hp-2 in 2 case lengths 12” and 18” with your choice of 3 inlet and outlet sizes including 2.00”, 2.1/4” and 2.1/2”. Super HP-2 mufflers are covered by Flowmaster’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

For more information on the Super HP-2 muffler and to see our full line of exhaust and exhaust accessories, visit our website at

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