Ford Roadster With Holley Gen3 Ultra Dominator Breaks Two Bonneville Records

By: Dan S | 09/05/2013 < Back to Motor Life Home
Two speed records were broken at the recent Bonneville Speed Week by a ‘33 Ford roadster powered by a 900hp, 437cid SB2 Chevy engine, and fed by a new Holley Gen 3 Ultra Dominator. Built by Keith Dorton at Automotive Specialists in Concord, NC, and driven by Troy Hutchinson, the '33 Ford retired the old B/STR record of 223.623 mph with an impressive speed of 230.746 mph. This run officially inducted Hutchinson into the 200 mph club, earning him the coveted Red Hat, given to those who set speed records over 200 mph. Later that day, the crew removed the headlights and fenders from the roadster to run in the B/GR division, allowing them to beat another record of 232.346 mph with a mind numbing speed of 234.398 mph. According to Dorton, he decided to switch to the 1475 CFM Gen 3 Ultra Dominator on the race car's engine, because of its increased airflow and easier tuning abilities. With the amount of ridiculously high powered engines that Dorton builds, he’s always on the lookout for the newest carbs that can provide greater flow and more power. With a bevy of new features, Dorton calls the carburetor a “true bolt-on." He was pleasantly surprised to find he didn’t need to do much to it after the initial installation, and says Holley’s claim to be “race ready” straight of the box proves to be no joke. Dorton was so satisfied with the new Gen 3 Ultra Dominator’s performance and simplicity that he decided to use the carburetor in six other Bonneville hot rods. The Gen 3 Ultra Dominator is the latest design in a long history of racing carburetors. The original Dominator was developed in 1969 for the radical high speed world of NASCAR® racing. Over the last four decades the Dominator has seen its fair share of tweaks and revisions. But with the demanding racing environment of the 21st century, Holley decided it was due for a high performance overhaul. The all new Gen 3 Ultra Dominator features a brand new main body,, state–of–the–art calibrations, and is offered in 950, 1050, 1150, 1250, 1350 and 1475 CFM sizes. Completely redesigned from the ground up for racing, the new calibrations have been optimized for today’s larger engines and new fuels. Each new calibration has been dyno and track tested to deliver proven performance, and the all aluminum construction is 3.8 lbs lighter, a 28 percent weight savings over previous Dominator models. Modified skirt boosters on 1350 and 1475 models help maintain a strong fuel signal, and 12-hole billet booster inserts provide superior air-fuel atomization and crisp throttle response. With a fully adjustable stainless steel linkage and provision for a TPS sensor, the Gen 3 Ultra Dominators can work on just about any racing application and be used with electronic data acquisition systems. With the results they've had so far, Dorton and Hutchinson are very excited to see what other records they can break at Bonneville later this year, now that they have Holley’s new Gen 3 Ultra Dominators in their arsenal.
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