Formula Drift Star Matt Field Starts Over in 2018 With a Holley EFI-powered 2013 Corvette

By: Todd Veney | 10/16/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Perennial Formula Drift contender Matt Field abandoned his successful Nissan 240SX S14 after the 2017 season and built a '13 Corvette from the ground up in preparation for this year's Formula Drift tour. Starting with a moldy, flood-ravaged C6 he tracked down somewhere in Atlanta, Field and his team completely rebuilt the car, transforming the soggy stock piece into a full-fledged race car in a build chronicled from start to finish in Donut Media's popular and exceedingly well-done YouTube series "Field Prep," which you can check out here and here.

"The S14 was seven years old, and I didn't really have much interest in building another one," Field said. "It had been crashed a bunch of times and had already reached its potential anyway. I researched the wheelbase and suspension design, and the Corvette, especially for someone like me, a huge fan of the LS engine, had everything you'd ever want. It's a true sports car with the chassis-grip level you want right out of the box and aftermarket support that doesn't get any better. Corvettes like this could be the series' next "it car" like the 240 was – the car that everybody wants when they start drifting."

To generate the tire-melting power and torque he needs to win, Field and his Drift Cave Motorsports team of Ry Moore and Graham Downey stuffed a supercharged 1000+ horsepower 427 cubic-inch LS powerplant into the cramped confines of the Corvette's engine bay and counted on a top-of-the-line Holley Dominator EFI to control it all. He also runs Holley Smart Coils, Holley harnesses, Holley progressive nitrous relay, ACCEL spark plug wires, and Earl's plumbing. "I'd already been using Holley products for five or six years now," the Morgan Hill, Calif.-based racer said. "I'd had trouble with other ECUs in the and didn't know what direction I wanted to go and one day somebody I trust told me, 'Put Holley EFI on your car – I guarantee you it'll work.' I did, and it solved all my problems. My tuner [Blacktrax Performance's Jei Chang] definitely didn't want anything but Holley EFI, so I knew exactly where we knew we were going with this car before we even started – Holley EFI, Holley drive-by-wire, and Holley harnesses – and it's all worked perfectly."

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