Front Drive Distributor and Crank Trigger Products for Big Block Chevy

By: Sean B. | 05/12/2012 < Back to Motor Life Home

Mallory manufactures the front drive and crank trigger products for serious racers with a big block Chevy who want the most accurate timing possible. Our Front Drive COMP 9000 distributor is specially engineered for use with a "Jesel" style camshaft belt drive kit and must be used with a CD box and crank trigger. The front relocation of your distributor will ensure that there is no interference with the manifold runners and firewall locations. This high performance distributor allows for the use of a crank trigger for precision timing. The extra large diameter cap separates the terminals from one another to prevent cross-firing and features spark plug wire retainers to maintain positive spark connections under the most severe racing conditions. Crank Trigger Kit Use the COMP 9000 front drive distributor with a Mallory crank trigger kit. Our crank trigger system uses four permanent magnets fastened in an aluminum wheel and a non-magnetic pickup. Timing can be precisely set by moving an adjustment bolt, secured to the pickup arm, while the engine is running. This is the most accurate way to time your ignition system. Oil Pump Drive For wet sump oiling systems, use the Mallory oil pump drive, part #290003. This will plug off your distributor hole in the block and intake manifold and will also drive your oil pump with a durable aluminum/bronze gear.

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