GM 1500 Power Breakthrough: Fast, Easy Tuning With New DiabloSport Kits


GM 1500 Power Breakthrough: Fast, Easy Tuning With New DiabloSport Kits


Adding a performance tune-up to a GM late-model gas-powered pickup is no longer a time-consuming series of steps that involves removing and shipping the truck’s vital engine and transmission-control modules to a third-party for reconfiguration.

Diablosport engineers have now cracked the codes necessary to develop two kits — the handheld InTune 3 (i3) and the full-color touch-screen Trinity 2 (T2) — that allow users to change or adjust a variety of engine and transmission functions for increased performance. For example, engine tunes can quickly be improved based on octane level. Other custom tuning modifications include, but are not limited to, disabling cylinder deactivation, raising the speed limiter and setting fuel/spark adjustments at WOT.

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DiabloSport's new i3 and T2 kits include everything necessary for operation, without having to send the ECM and TCM to a third-party to be reconfigured. The i3 is a handheld tuning tool that's designed to be used when setting up the vehicle and then unplugged when the user is finished.

Both the i3 and T2 plug into the vehicle’s OBDII port on 2019-2022 5.3L- and 6.2L-powered GM 1500 pickups. Using the included Locksmith device, users can unlock the factory E90 ECM (engine control module) and T93 TCM (transmission control module) in their home garage and modify the tune-up.

“In the past, customers could purchase the devices, and included was the cost of unlocking the stock computer,” explains Michael Litsch, Holley senior manager for domestic tuning products. “Then the customer would have to submit a form on our website and send in their computer. We would unlock the computer, ship it back and then they could use our tuner on the vehicle. Now, everything is included in the box, and customers can tune their truck in a half hour in their own driveway.”

See the DiabloSport T2 now

The DiabloSport T2 is more comprehensive than the i3. It's designed to remain plugged in for real-time monitoring of data. A convenient windshield mount is included to allow fast and easy positioning of the T2's screen in the vehicle.

The i3 is a user-friendly handheld tuning tool with a GUI-driven menu. Basically, the user plugs it into the ODBII port, performs the desired tasks and then unplugs it — unless there’s a need to use the data-logging feature. The T2 is more advanced, with a full-color touchscreen design that offers the same tuning options.

“The T2 comes with a windshield mount and is designed to be plugged in all the time,” says Litsch. “It has gauges that will wake up on the screen when the engine is turned on. Most people drive around with it displaying their gauges and they can keep an eye on real-time data in the vehicle. And it also has all the tuning menus, and they can read and clear codes through the device.”

In addition, the T2 includes unique 0-60 and quarter-mile timers. Users can also upload their own background images and change the colors and themes of the graphics to customize the look and feel of the display. For example, a color theme can be chosen to match the interior or dash trim. Or custom colors can be selected using a color wheel. There’s even a burning flame theme.

“And both of these devices are equipped with Wi-Fi for updates using a Windows or Mac computer,” adds Litsch.

The i3 and T2 (shown here) allow users to select from a number of pre-configured tunes, simply by pushing a few buttons and following the prompts.

The i3 and T2 are both programmed to offer simplified tuning choices as well as more advanced options. For example, a quick and easy tune can be accomplished simply by selecting between 87, 91, or 93 fuel octane. The device will also ask if the tire size needs adjusting or if the user wants to change the speed limiter. DiabloSport has already programmed the tunes to change the fuel delivery and timing for increased performance, depending on the fuel being used.

“Also, there are more advanced parameters to adjust fuel and spark at wide-open throttle (WOT). The device can log the performance data. So, if there’s no knock, the user can add another degree of timing and continue monitoring the performance,” says Litsch.

Check out the DiabloSport InTune 3 and Trinity 2 now

Both the i3 and T2 plug into the vehicle’s OBDII port. The included Locksmith device allows users in their home garage to unlock the factory engine control module and transmission control module and modify the tune immediately.

Performance gains have been noted in DiabloSport testing. Using a 2019 Silverado Crew Cab with a 6.2-liter engine and 10-speed transmission, baseline acceleration times of 6.108 and 14.373 seconds were recorded respectively for 0-60 mph and quarter-mile. With a DiabloSport performance tune, those times improved to 5.607 and 13.914 seconds, respectively. Also, the trap speed in the quarter-mile test improved from 95.97 mph to 99.72 mph.

Engineers also took 6.2L and 5.3L trucks — both with 10-speed transmission — to a chassis dyno for testing. Horsepower and torque increases were recorded from 2,500 to 6,000 rpm. With the 6.2L, peak horsepower increased from 342.9 to 360.5, and peak torque improved from 374.5 lb-ft to 410.1 lb-ft. That’s a five percent gain in horsepower and almost 10 percent in torque. Running the smaller engine, peak horsepower rose from 294.1 to 303.9, and peak torque improved from 306.7 lb-ft to 339.7 lb-ft.

DiabloSport's i3 and T2 allow a wide range of personalization of vehicle functions, with quick, convenient setup through a menu-driven interface. In addition to modifying engine and transmission tunes, the i3 and T2 allow users to disable the auto Start/Stop function, disable cylinder deactivation, recalibrate the speedometer, set the engine rev limiter, and more. These parameters can be saved in a “keep drive mode” setting, in which the vehicle remembers that mode every time the truck is started.

There are also transmission tuning options for both the 8- and 10-speed models that include a choice between firm- and hard-shift performance.

“These new GM transmissions use their own torque management system outside of the PCM,” explains Litsch. “The transmission is constantly monitoring torque input. And if it feels like there's too much torque coming in too fast, it will take different steps to eliminate that torque. We raise some of those thresholds, increase some of the torque limits and make the transmission behave more how you would expect it in a performance application. But in around-town driving, you really shouldn’t notice much other than firmer shifts and more positive shift engagement.”

In addition to upgrading the engine and transmission tunes, the i3 and T2 also allow users to disable the auto Start/Stop function — which can be annoying to some drivers — for good. That is, once you disable the system with the button on the dash, it remains off. The DiabloSport devices will also disable the Dynamic Fuel Management, which is GM’s version of cylinder deactivation. Disabling DFM will keep the engine in full-time V8 operation with no reduction to four-cylinder operation during certain cruise situations.

Other features available include adjusting the speedometer for different-sized tires or gear changes in the differential. Both the engine rev limiter and vehicle’s speed limiter can be adjusted to increase rpm range and top speed, and users can adjust idle speed both Park/Neutral and Drive. Finally, the DiabloSport tuners have a “keep drive mode” setting that allows the user to select a factory drive mode using the dash or console switch, and then the vehicle will remember that mode every time the truck is started.

The DiabloSport i3 and T2 are noteworthy breakthroughs in performance tuning for 2019-2022 GM 1500 pickups, making it quick and easy to do a high-performance tune on these trucks without having to remove the ECM and ship it to a third party for reconfiguration.

The i3 and T2 are currently undergoing validation tests to secure an EO# from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). When approved, both devices will be legal in all 50 states. Currently the parts are legal under provisions of the EPA Tampering Policy that was updated November 2020, so it’s legal for street use in all states but California. Once the EO# is issued, the product will be updated for 50-state legal status.

Both products have the capacity to return the engine and transmission tunes to the original factory setting if the vehicle needs to be serviced by a dealer, or if the vehicle is put up for sale.

Check out the DiabloSport InTune 3 and Trinity 2 now




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