Going In-Depth With Superchips' New TrailDash 3 System For Jeep Wranglers And Gladiators

10 min read

Going In-Depth With Superchips' New TrailDash 3 System For Jeep Wranglers And Gladiators

10 min read

TrailDash 3 is Superchips’ brand-new version of the versatile performance programmer and in-cab monitor for Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator (JT). A new, higher-resolution, edge-to-edge screen display and more processing power provide TrailDash 3 with smartphone-like touch controls and fast response. It also boasts wi-fi connectivity for hassle-free updates.

A new CRAWL screen is designed for off-road enthusiasts, providing quick access to all of the features that owners use in off-road or off-trail situations. Factory limits on lockers and sway bar disconnection are replaced by greater versatility. It’s now possible to engage the rear locker in 2WD up to 55mph, while both the front and rear lockers can be engaged in 4-Low or 4-High up to 55mph and the sway bar can be disconnected in those modes up to the same speed.

“This flexibility of control offers a much more capable off-road driving experience,” says Superchips’ brand manager, Jacob White. “It also means a lot more fun if you’re driving on sand or snow, and more power and more wheel speed in all of those off-trail situations, whether you’re crawling over rocks or plowing through the mud.

“Fine-tuning the CRAWL screen was the biggest challenge of the TrailDash 3’s 12-month development process,” he continues. “We ensured it works seamlessly for when drivers are off-trail – that when they turn the features on and off, everything engages or disengages with a really fast response time.”

The CRAWL screen also enables the owner to disable the Jeep’s TPMS sensors, eliminating the warning light on the dash when you air down to go off-trail. Speaking of tires, another big advantage of the TrailDash 3 is the ability to adjust the speedometer for a larger tire size.

Superchips TD3 Craw Screen

The CRAWL Screen of the TrailDash3 can be used to quickly access features that users may need in off-roading situations, such as locker engagement or sway bar disconnecting, all at the touch of a fingertip.

“Larger-diameter tires and wheels are a hugely popular modification, but they also affect the transmission shift strategy,” White explains. “The TrailDash 3 calibrations also work with transmission tuning, so we can fine-tune the package as a whole to improve the overall driving experience.”

Compared with the outgoing TrailDash 2, vehicle coverage has been expanded to include the 2021 Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator, while still catering to other JLs, JTs and older Wrangler JKs right back to 2007. The TrailDash 3 also now provides tuning coverage for the 2-liter I-4 turbo engine in 2018-20 JL Wranglers.

“Our engineers worked hard on the calibrations for the 2-liter engines,” he adds. “The turbocharger comes in at a much lower rpm. We actually gained 65 HP at 3,000rpm, which you definitely feel when you’re driving.”

Superchips TD3 monitor screen

The TrailDash 3 system covers a wide range of Jeeps, including the Wrangler JK and JL, and the Gladiator JT, and provides power improvements for both the 2.0L turbocharged four and the 3.6L Pentastar V6.

With enthusiast drivers in mind, Superchips tunes are about much more than top-end power. The latest 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 in the 2018-2021 models pick up around 29 HP in peak power and 37 lb-ft of torque peak, but there are bigger gains in the low-end torque response so that the vehicle feels peppier, especially with big tires fitted.

For Superchips, throttle response, drivability and improved fuel mileage are as important as performance tuning. For example, the tunes available through the TrailDash 3 make fine adjustments to the throttle pedal feel so that it’s not too sensitive in a crawling situation, applying power as smoothly as possible to improve the trail driving experience. The ability to set the engine idle all the way up to 1,500rpm is also appreciated when off roading or winching, where it increases the voltage to the winch.

TrailDash 3 carries over useful functionality from version 2 to manage and link EAS accessories like a winch or light bar via a Switch Panel Screen and an HDMI-style plug. These features are especially valued by owners of JK Wranglers and lower-spec JLs and JTs that don’t come with the factory auxiliary switches. The wiring stays under the hood and the accessories are switched on and off on the TrailDash 3 monitor, making for a seamless installation.

All of the TrailDash 3’s features and hardware were subject to a comprehensive test program before being released to the market in June 2021. Superchips’ calibration testing is done in-house on top-of-the-line equipment. Testing then moves to beaches and trails in a fleet of Jeeps with 2-liter and 3.6-liter motors, based out of two Superchips locations: one at high elevation in Ogden, Utah and another in the heat and humidity of Tampa, Florida.

“We put the devices in Jeeps and send them out on the trail,” says White. “We had some Jeeps running the TrailDash systems at the 2021 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, so that we could flush out any issues or fine tune what Jeep enthusiasts need from their vehicles but doesn’t come from the factory. It’s crucial to conduct this real-world testing in the field and let enthusiasts use the devices, so that they can provide feedback on how we can improve them.”

TrailDash 3 JL Wrangler

For 2015-newer Jeep vehicles, a PCM swap will be required in order to utilize the TrailDash 3. Superchips has a streamlined system to make this as painless as possible. Provide information about your vehicle on a web form and Superchips will send you an unlocked PCM. Once you have the unlocked unit, simply return the factory PCM back to Superchips. That's it!

As in previous versions, the TrailDash 3 plugs straight into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. In 2015, Jeep switched over to locked powertrain control modules (PCMs) so for these applications, TrailDash 3 requires a PCM swap.

Superchips has streamlined this process, which is included with the purchase of a TrailDash 3. After connecting the device to the vehicle, you fill out a web form with the specific Jeep’s details so that Superchips can ship an appropriate unlocked PCM. You then return the factory PCM back to Superchips. Once the unlocked PCM is installed, the vehicle will be ready to receive performance tuning and you can enjoy the TrailDash 3’s new features, faster response times and best-ever user experience.


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