GRIDLIFE's 2021 Elkhart Color Classic: Setting Records At The Season's End

10 min read

GRIDLIFE's 2021 Elkhart Color Classic: Setting Records At The Season's End

10 min read

During the last Ice age, the Laurentide Ice Sheet covered a wide swath of the North American continent, from the Artic Circle to as far south as St. Louis, Missouri. Effectively a massive glacier, the Laurentide Ice Sheet is responsible for most of the geography of the northern United States and Canada. In Wisconsin, the Green Bay Lobe and Lake Michigan Lobe of the Laurentide collided, creating a moraine of sediment and glacial till that, over the years since, has formed a mixture of kettle lake-filled valleys and hills that can rise up hundreds of feet. This rolling hillside is what makes Road America a driver's track. Running a tick over four miles per lap and hosting fourteen turns that vary between tight and technical and flat-out, Road America is a road racer's rollercoaster, with 171 feet of elevation change throughout the lap with the Kettle Moraine State Forest just off to the west. In early October, that means a gorgeous mix of autumnal leaf colors on the trees as the cars of GRIDLIFE go tearing by in the final race of the 2021 season.

GRIDLIFE 2021 RA Qartoumy and DuSold

Feras Qartoumy's 2008 Corvette (seen here being pursued by Mike DuSold's Camaro) laid out scorching times around Road America, culminating with a 2.04.877 lap on Sunday.

While the winners of the GRIDLIFE championships are notable in their own right, it is Feras Qartoumy who stole the show with his C6 Corvette. Qartoumy posted up an absolutely blistering 2:04.877 lap around Road America with a top trapped speed of 183 mph before turn five, which you can see in the video below by skipping to 3:42. How fast is that in the grand scheme of things? On Road America's record board, that lap slots between Nick Tandy's Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GT LeMans car (2.02.281) and Kyffin Simpson's FRAC Ligier JS F3 (2.06.069), both of which were designed from the ground up as purpose-built racing machines.

Road America is the final round for physical racing for GRIDLIFE, but there is one more event to take in: GRIDLIFE GameNight in Las Vegas, Nevada, presented on stage at the HyperX ESports Arena, with a feature race between eight SEMA show attendees on stage and 16 GRIDLIFE iRacers who are at home. If you are attending SEMA, stop by the GRIDLIFE SEMA booth (20167) and put down a lap time. Place high enough, and you could get a chance to run against the pack!

You can keep up with GRIDLIFE by checking out for more details.

GRIDLIFE - 2021 Championship Results

Jeremy Swenson1st
Eric Kutil2nd
Aaron Leichty3rd
Ben Thorn1st
Grant Davidson2nd
Ryan Seiler3rd
Joshua Halka1st
Team Twitch2nd
Charles Miller3rd
Alex Artayet1st
Christopher Bickford2nd
Andrew Voelkel3rd
Jackie Ding1st
Dewey DeWitt2nd
Michael Aumick3rd
Matt Williams1st
Team Brap2nd
Kyle Carstens3rd
Jimmy Rauck1st
Grant Walker2nd
Feras Qartoumy3rd
Feras Qartoumy1st
Dan Foley2nd
Stephen Luca3rd


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