Holiday Buyers' Guide: What to Get For The Gearhead In Your Life

10 min read

Holiday Buyers' Guide: What to Get For The Gearhead In Your Life

10 min read

Have you looked around and taken in the sights of Autumn? The falling leaves, the cooling temperatures. You know what that means, right? No, besides the Thanksgiving dinner. Try what happens the day after you enjoy that meal. That's right...the holiday shopping season is upon us! Some people are easy to buy for, but what about the gearhead in your life who is bored of getting a pair of socks? For those who aren't big into the automotive scene, shopping for the wrench-spinner in your family might be a daunting, confusing task. Let us help you out this holiday season by taking some of the guesswork out of shopping for your resident mechanic friend of family member. Check below for some speedy stocking stuffers, some hot-rodder staple parts, and Holley's latest and greatest new stuff for the season.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  • Apparel - If there is a solid, surefire bet for a stocking stuffer, apparel from Holley is high on that list! Whether you're looking for a hoodie to take the edge off of winter's chill, want some new T-shirts for the collection or even want to get the younger car fans something to wear, surfing through the apparel will provide low-risk gift-giving options!

  • Stickers - What's the math again...every sticker is worth an additional 10 horsepower? By that calculation, you could skip the power parts and just go straight for Holley's "Go Fast" Sticker Pack, which features 24 full-scale brand stickers. Or you can purchase them individually!

  • Pub Glasses - A delicious beverage is always welcomed. Choose from five different assortment series or four matched sets of 16oz Pub Glasses, a variety of 2oz shot glasses, or two stainless steel tumblers.

  • Garage Banners - Is the shop looking a little bare on decorations? Then a banner is just the thing! These high-quality large vinyl banners are the perfect addition to the garage walls.

Tools Of The Trade

  • Fender Gripper - Protecting the paint on the hot rod should be a high priority. Fender Gripper has a full line of products that will keep the paint safe from scratches, oils and solvents, and can be ordered with logos perfect for whatever is parked in the garage. From basic fender covers to full front-end covers, this is a simple but thoughtful gift for your gearhead.

  • Mr. Gasket Five-Gallon Utility Jugs - Whether you just need a little bit of gasoline on-hand for the lawn mower or you need to stock the race trailer with some extra E-85 before you hit the road, Mr. Gasket Utility Jugs are a must. They are shaped to take up less room than standard gas cans, have excellent hand-holds for easy pouring, and are vented to make fueling a swift affair. Utility Jugs are available in red, blue, white and yellow.

  • Mr. Gasket Air Mover Fan - Need to cool down the engine between rounds? Need to just cool off the shop? Then the 900 CFM Air Mover Fan is just the ticket. The Air Mover comes with a 15-foot long cord and has a 12-amp power outlet, which allows for lights, electric tools or even a daisy-chain of fans to happen while the Air Mover does what it does best.

  • MSD Timing Pro Timing Light - A good timing light is worth its weight in gold in the garage. From a basic tune-up to dialing in that monster race engine, the timing light is an indispensable tool that needs to be ready to go at a moment's notice. The MSD Timing Pro Timing Light works with all ignition types and provides stable signals all the way up to 10,000 RPM. That means that it will be useful the moment the box is opened, regardless of the vehicle.

Home Run Hot Rod Parts

  • Mr. Gasket Top Dead Center Indicator - Another engine timing tool that is extremely helpful is this Top Dead Center Indicator from Mr. Gasket. This helpful tool makes finding the starting point for any engine's setup configuration whistles when the piston comes up on the compression stroke and stops when the piston is at the top of the cylinder. No more standing there watching the screwdriver pop out of the spark plug hole!

  • Flowmonster Mufflers - Is the "project car" just a little too loud for your tastes? Do the neighbors leave you notes taped to your door? Flowmonster Mufflers leave that aggressive chambered muffler sound intact, but add just a bit of civility to that unmuffled beast. Whether the family SUV needs a new silencer or the race car is shaking the pictures off of the walls three houses down, a set of Flowmonster mufflers will help to make friends this holiday season.

  • Holley Classic Trucks Body Components - Is the car-addicted in your family more of a classic truck type? Holley Classic Trucks has an expanding line of restoration and repair catalog for classic Ford, GM and Dodge pickup trucks from 1960 to late-model examples. From trim parts to rust repair panels, if that old truck is looking a bit rough, Holley Classic Trucks is where you need to look!

  • Range AFM/DFM Disabler - A Range AFM/DSM disabler allows for your late-model V6 or V8 GM Vehicle to run with all of the cylinders firing all of the time. No more cylinder shutoff, no need to reprogram the factory computer.

  • GM-licensed Air Cleaners - The view under the hood should look as good as the outside of the car with the hood closed, right? We think so, too, so why not put a GM-licensed air cleaner on top of that small-block or big-block build? Be proud of that engine!

Freshest, Newest Products

  • Edge AMP'd 2.0 Throttle Booster - One of the easiest ways to make the daily driver a bit more fun to drive is to sharpen up the throttle pedal feel, and that can be done easily with an AMP'd Throttle Booster from Edge. A Bluetooth app provides full control over the Throttle Booster, so you can sharpen or soften the feel of the throttle with a touch of your phone!

  • Halibrand Hyper Kinetic HB003 Tesla Wheels - A set of the new Halibrand Hyper Kinetic HB003 Wheels will set off your Tesla Model 3 or Model S beautifully. These wheels were inspired by the design of the Tesla Model S Plaid prototype that the company was testing at the Nurburgring. These wheels are great for giving your Tesla a custom look that fills up the wheelwells nicely.

  • Hilborn BBC EFI Stack Systems - You know what a big-block Chevrolet can use? Fuel injection and velocity stacks! Hilborn's velocity stacks will not only add that sinister old-school vintage hot rod look that makes gearheads weak in the knees, but the individual throttle bodies offer highly improved performance and even drivability. It's a rare case of having your cake and eating it too!

  • APR Open PEX Intake for VW/Audi 1.8-2.0L EA888 Engines - Here's a winning combination for someone who is into Volkswagen or Audi vehicles! APR's Open PEX Intake System not only looks great and improves the intake sound, not only is the filter washable and has been proven to produce power gains! If the VW or Audi in question has a different engine, then no worries...APR is certainly a great place to start looking for hop-up gift ideas!

  • Sniper EFI Intake Manifolds - Sniper EFI Intake Manifolds are a budget-friendly option for GM LS, Gen V LT, Chrysler Gen III Hemi, and Ford Modular and Coyote engines. These fabricated sheet metal intakes come in a wide variety of designs, from low-profile units that can clear low hoodlines to dual-quad style intakes meant for radical applications.

Sniper EFI, The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Holley Sniper EFI systems are designed to bolt in place of a carburetor, and offer modern driveability with minimal effort. Sniper EFI systems come in a wide range of options, from the basic Holley 4150 four-barrel to 4500 Dominator, Quadrajet, 2300 2-barrel, 2GC 2-barrel, Carter BBD-style 2-barrel for Jeep CJ applications, and even Autolite 1100 one-barrel that is designed for the Ford Falcon Six. There are also systems available to support 175hp all the way to 1500! Additionally, Hyperspark ignition systems, fuel system modification kits, fuel pumps, and other supporting components are designed to make the fuel injection conversion process as painless as possible!


Daily Deals

You can also check out the daily deals on offer, which have 20% off of suggested retail for one day only, by clicking on the truck! Be sure to check in to see what parts are available...these deals last for one day only, then a new set of items go on sale! Click here to see the current Daily Deals!


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