Holley EFI 2 Axis G-Meter

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 07/18/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

There’s no better way to tell if all that testing and tuning has paid off than with some proven data from a 2-axis g-meter from Holley EFI.

With all the technology that’s available today, there’s no need to rely on the old fashion seat-of-your-pants approach! The engineers at Holley and RACEPAK teamed up to co-design our Holley EFI 2 axis G-meter.

It’s a compact 2-axis g-meter that provides acceleration and lateral g-force measurements displayed in real time and can be data logged. The Holley g-meter comes pre crimped simplify the installation and ready to work with Holley ECUs. G-meters are a great way to measure the launch acceleration on your drag radial machine, or recording those head bobbing, lateral G’s in that auto-crosser!

2 axis means you’ll be able to monitor both the X axis for acceleration forces and the Y axis for lateral cornering forces.  The X axis is capable of recording up to 12 G’s of acceleration and a negative 3 G’s of deceleration, it’s the perfect tuning tool for the drag strip. And for those of you that dig the corners, test your suspension and tire grip with the y-axis which is capable of detecting up to 7 ½  G’s in either direction. The rugged housing provides you with multiple mounting options all while ensuring that your G-meter is fully protected and performs in even the most demanding conditions.

Using Holley EFI’s V5 software makes it even easier to get full control of your G-meter. The Holley G-meter is pre-configured in the V5 software under the input/output icon.  This make connecting to the ECU super easy and eliminates the manual setup and sensor scaling process.

So whether your tearing it up a quarter of a mile at a time, carving corners on the asphalt, or dusting the deserts, back up your hard work with actual data from the 2 axis G-meter from Holley!

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