Holley EFI Billet Racing 105mm Throttle Bodies Available For Race-Only Engines

By: Todd Veney | 08/01/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
For the most radical forced induction engines, Holley EFI’s 105mm Mono-Blade Throttle Bodies are purpose-built to handle the rigors of high-boosted engines. To secure and provide a bulletproof seal, we offer them in two versions – one with a four-inch V-Band flange and one with a four-inch dual O-ring for use with a quick-disconnect coupler. Both provide a solid, leak-proof seal to power adder with boost pressure upwards of 50 PSI. On the flip side of the Mono-Blade throttle bodies is an O-ring grooved seal between the throttle body and the intake manifold. There's no gasket, which ensures a perfect leak-free seal. These billet throttle bodies feature a robust, non-contact magnetic TPS sensor for smooth, consistent throttle operation and throttle response. The mono-blade itself is held to the throttle shaft with four profiled screws TIG-welded for maximum strength. The throttle shaft rides on roller bearings for equally smooth operation, and the throttle lever is "clockable" for multiple installation options. These have no provision for PCV – they're designed specifically for full-on race applications where every single horsepower counts. These lightweight CNC-machined billet throttle bodies have a 3.5-inch square bolt pattern with a laser-etched Holley EFI logo and are a perfect match for Holley EFI racing manifolds and custom fabricated applications.

See complete details for the 105MM Mono-Blade Throttle – V-Band Style (part number 112-590).

See complete details for the 105MM Mono-Blade Throttle Body – Dual O-Ring (part number 112-591).
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