Holley Hosts 2020 Hemi Engine Sweepstakes

By: Holley | 08/14/2020 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holley and the talented team at Prestige Motorsports have come together to create another horsepower-fueled sweepstakes. The latest engine is of the Mopar variety and is a thoroughly warmed-over gen III hemi engine displacing 392 mighty cubic inches.

With a bottom of line of almost $15,000 the hemi is packed with top tier products from Holley and several other excellent manufacturers, all to be given away to one lucky enthusiast.

The build is based on an OEM 5.7L hemi block that’s been bored, and refreshed by Prestige Motorsports. The bottom end is fortified by a 4.050in stroke, 4340 forged-steel crankshaft, 6.125in forged steel connecting rods with ARP bolts, and DSS forged aluminum pistons. Bearings from Mahle/Clevite handle duty on the mains, King bearings take care of the rods and Felpro gaskets seal up the remainder of the engine. A custom-ground camshaft actuates the valves and ups both the horsepower and RPM capability.

Topping the engine is a Holley Sniper intake manifold, valve covers, and MSD ignition coils. The whole ensemble is controlled by Holley’s latest EFI system, the Terminator X, which features a host of high-tech benefits, such as self-learning capability, lap top tunability, drive-by-wire control, boost and nitrous control, and so much more.

The Holley Gen III Hemi engine sweepstakes will make one, lucky, Mopar gearhead’s dreams come true. To enter, go to and stay tuned for the much-anticipated announcement of a winner on September 30, 2020.

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 X  Sloppy Mechanics Sweepstakes