Holley LS Fest 2020 The Tuning School, Hoonigan Burnout Challenge Coverage and Gallery

Author: Evan Perkins | Photographer: Mark Gearhart | 09/13/2020 < Back to Motor Life Home

The unwanted rain did little to dampen the spirit at the Holley LS Fest 2020 The Tuning School Hoonigan Burnout Challenge. Drivers lined up to earn the crowd's approval and sacrifice rubber to the gods of speed. Corvettes, trucks, and a few very unique builds toasted the hides, and stretched their powerful LS combinations to the rev limiter. The ground was slick but that didn't stop the smoke, and all the drivers delivered exciting–and in a few cases, fiery–performances. We captured the red-hot action in the gallery blow!

Once all the smoke cleared, it was Jeremy Formato that reigned supreme. His exhaust-glowing performance wowed the crowd and crowned himThe Tuning School Hoonigan Burnout Challenge winner.

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