Holley/MSD Releases 12-Bolt VR Series Fuel Cell Pump Modules

By: Todd Veney | 04/19/2018 < Back to Blog Home
Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of Holley 12-Bolt VR Series Fuel Cell Pump Modules, which support up to 4,400 horsepower for EFI engines and 4,800 horsepower for carbureted applications. Fully compatible with popular 12-bolt-flange fuel cells and designed to drop right in, they maintain pressures of 130 PSI while flowing 335 gallons per hour. Two VR Series brushless pumps, two controllers, and two harnesses deliver complete VR fuel pump power inside your fuel cell and make it easy to upgrade it to EFI.  Holley 12-Bolt VR Series Fuel Cell Pump Modules are also a direct replacement for existing 12-bolt-flange fuel cell cap assemblies and, with a regulator, can be used with carbureted applications. They're perfect for gas-burning engines and can be used with methanol and E-85 drag race engines if drained and flushed after each event. The billet top flange comes with a -8AN inlet port, a -10AN outlet port, and a fuel filler cap, and the system is adjustable from 7-1/2 to 11 inches deep and includes all the hardware for a hassle-free installation – just add your fuel line.

See detailed product information for Holley/MSD 12-Bolt VR Series Fuel Cell Pump Modules.

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