Holley Performance Partners with Race Ramps for 2013 Car Craft Engine Swap Challenge

By: Blane Burnett | 08/29/2013 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley Performance is proud to partner with Race Ramps for the 2013 LS Fest Car Craft Engine Swap Challenge, scheduled for September 7th at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY. Race Ramps will be providing a variety of equipment that will ensure a safe environment for the teams to work on this year’s swap vehicles. “Wheel Cribs are a safe, lightweight alternative to jack stands”, reports Race Ramps representative Jim Moberg. “These cribs are made in 8’’, 10’’, or 12’’ heights, providing unobstructed access underneath the car. Each crib supports 1,500 lbs., so they will work with up to a 6,000 lb. car while weighing only five pounds per crib. “Wheel cribs offer a much safer lift solution than traditional jack stands. Unlike jack stands, Wheel Cribs have a much wider contact with the tire--not just a tiny point inboard on the frame”, according to Moberg. “They cradle the tire and hold it firm with over a square foot of their 100% solid, non-skid material. They also support the car at the outermost point of the vehicle, which will give the Engine Swap Teams the access they will need to the full underbelly of the car.”
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