Holley Performance Products Mr. Gasket Releases Large Assortment of New Products

By: Todd Veney | 06/20/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of a host of new products from Mr. Gasket, including Mopar Cast Water Pumps, Harness & Relay Kits, Push-On Hose Ends and Hose, and budget-priced AN plumbing components. The water pumps ensure equalized water-flow distribution and minimize internal engine hot spots in both big-block and small-block Chryslers, and the harness/relay kits are perfect for electric fans, water pumps, and fuel pumps. The black push-on hose ends and hose are compatible with other aftermarket brands, and the budget-priced AN plumbing is available in your choice of red/blue or black. MOPAR CAST WATER PUMPS Mr. Gasket Cast Aluminum Water Pumps provide improved cooling for street, high-performance, and even some racing applications. Engineered specifically for big-block and small-block Chrysler applications, these high-output aluminum pumps deliver equalized water-flow distribution and feature pressure-balanced water passages that minimize internal engine hot spots. An as-cast aluminum pump body is coupled to a cold-rolled carbon steel impeller with double-welded front and rear faceplates to maximize flow while reducing cavitation. HARNESS AND RELAY KITS Mr. Gasket Wiring Harness & Relay Kits protect electrical systems and provide consistent, dependable power for countless accessories. Ideal for high-performance electric fans, electric water pumps, and electric fuel pumps, these kits include 100 inches of heavy-gauge wiring, a 30-amp relay, 30-amp circuit breaker, pre-wired relay connector, and crimp terminals. The relay connector features special slots that allow additional relays to be nested together for a clean, professional look. They come complete with all the hardware to do the job and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.
PUSH-ON HOSE ENDS AND HOSE Mr. Gasket Push-On Hose Ends are available in a black-satin anodized finish that lends a professional look to any engine compartment. Unadorned with any logos, they're perfect for use with other plumbing brands. Offered in sizes from -4AN to -12AN, the push-on hose has a special textured surface that makes it easy to grip when it's pushed onto hose ends. The entire line is budget-priced and offered in clamshell packaging perfect for retail display. VALUE AN PLUMBING Mr. Gasket’s all-new line of affordable AN plumbing components is available in both the traditional red/blue racecar look and in a modern black finish in sizes from -4AN to -12AN and from 1/8” NPT to 3/4” NPT. The satin black finish is unadorned with any logos and meshes perfectly with other brands, and it all comes clamshell packaging ideal for retail display.

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